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His Secret, Chapter 5
By enlair89
On Wed Aug 22, 2007 01:27 PM
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Chapter 5

"Only one more class to go," Kyle thought as the last few minutes of Miss Arceneaux's class ticked off the clock.

They were discussing the major characters of "Huck Finn" and they were told to come up with a book report idea, they would be going to the library on Monday.

It wasn't that the class wasn't interesting. He was just ready for the weekend to begin.

"I need to see Beth, Emilee and Kyle at the end of class," she said moments before the seventh period bell rang.

She pulled out three fliers as they walked up to her desk.

"There is a dance workshop a week from Saturday in Parksburg," she said. "There will be a class for beginners. The teacher's really good. I'm going to tell the rest of the class about it. Would you three be interested."

Beth and Emilee eagerly nodded their heads yes. Kyle shrugged his shoulder and said "sure."

"Good then," Miss Arceneaux said. "If there is just a small group, will take my Tahoe. If it's larger, we may have to ask some of your mothers to drive."

A workshop might be cool, Kyle thought. Some of the guys might actually be jealous if they knew he would be going out of town, spending the day with a bunch of girls and Miss Arceneaux.

"Want to come over after school?" Beth asked as they went to art, the last class of the day. "Emilee and I wanted to practice some of the exercises and combinations we've been going over. My garage is big enough."

"Well, mom doesn't get home until six," he said. "I'd have to bring Caitlyn and Katey."

"That's fine," Beth said. "They'll have Meggie to play with."

Meggie was Beth's little sister.

Beth's house was just a block down the street.

"We're going over to Beth's" Kyle told his mother over the phone. "Her mom's home. It's the weekend. We don't have homework....oh yeah, mom, I do remember the open house. I do want to go."

Kyle, Caitlyn and Katey made their way down the street.

"Come on in," Mrs. Coker said. "Beth, Emilee and Meggie are in the garage. I've got Kool Aid and cookies in the kitchen if you guys want anything."

"Thanks, Mrs. Coker," Kyle replied.

Already waiting were Beth, Emilee and Meggie. Kyle was a little stunned to see Beth and Emilee decked out in leotards and tights. Little Meggie had a tutu on."

"Well, what do you think," Emilee asked as they modeled for him and his sisters.

"We went to the Dance Shoppe at the studio where Olivia goes," Beth said. "We're going to be taking classes there."

"Meggie's going to be dancing with us, too, do you to want to join us," Beth asked Caitlyn and Katey.

"Sure," they both said, almost at the same time.

"Hey bro, where's your tights," Caitlyn asked her brother.

"Oh, shut up," he snapped back.

"There's nothing wrong with a boy wearing tights for ballet," Emilee said as she jabbed Kyle.

They worked on everything they could remember in class. They laughed when they couldn't do things correctly and tried to explain things to Caitlyn, Katey and Meggie as they muddled through.

Things came to a halt when Beth's older brother Kyle came into a garage.

"Sorry, just looking for my glove and bat," he said before leaving to go play baseball with his friends.

"So Kyle, it finally happened?" he said.

"What?" Kyle asked.

"They've turned you into a girl," he said, laughing as he left."

Kyle's face turned red. Leave it to Robert to be the first to tease him.

He went into the Coker's living room and plopped down on a chair.

The girls came running in after him.

"What's wrong?" Mrs. Coker asked.

"Oh, stupid Robert," Beth said. "He teased Kyle about doing ballet."

"Kyle don't listen to him," Emilee said. "Boys shouldn't be ashamed to take ballet."

"Emilee's right," Mrs. Coker said. "If you like dancing, don't let Robert bother you."

They went back into the garage. Kyle's forgot the teasing. They went back to having fun and forgot about the time.

It wasn't long before Kyle's mom dropped by to pick up him and his sisters.

"We had a good time mom," Caitlyn said. "and Kyle can really dance."

Kyle was shocked. She wasn't being sarcastic.

"We all want to go to the open house tomorrow," Kyle said.

"OK, so I'll have three dancers," she said. "Oh yeah, Kyle, your dad called. He wants to know if you'll be playing basketball at the Y this year."

"Oh"...Kyle thought. His parents had been divorced for two years.

How could he tell him that he was taking ballet.

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re: His Secret, Chapter 5
By bdancer3333
On Fri Aug 24, 2007 04:15 PM
Do I even need to reply to tell you of the excellence of this story??

re: His Secret, Chapter 5
By enlair89
On Fri Aug 24, 2007 07:01 PM
I do appreciate the encouragement. How is your writing coming along?


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