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His Secret, Chapter 6
By enlair89
On Fri Aug 24, 2007 08:06 PM
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Chapter 6

Kyle's stomach seemed to have butterflies as the car pulled into the parking lot of Kathryn Miller's Ballet Academy.

"Mom, am I crazy for wanting to do this?" he asked.

She smiled and patted him on the back.

"No, you're not, you should never think that," she said. "I'm proud of you for wanting to pursue something you enjoy. You're very brave for wanting to do something a lot of people think boys shouldn't do."

Robert came to mind. As did a few bullies at school. But the biggest fear was telling his dad. He tried to do just about every sport to please his dad, and make him proud.

How does he tell dad he's taking ballet?

"You want to know a little secret?" she told him. "I took ballet when I was a girl and loved it. I need to pull out the pictures and the costumes I have to show you and the girls. Your grandma can tell you how obsessed I was."

"But mom, how do you think dad is going to take it that I'm following in your footsteps and not his?," he said about his dad, who starred in just about every sport imaginable.

"Probably not well at first," she said with almost a sarcastic laugh. "But Kyle, you've got to be your own man. And I'm proud of the young man you're becoming. The reason why I never told you or your sisters I danced is that I want you to find your own way."

For now, that own way was through the doors of a building that appeared once to be a grocery store. Inside was an interesting place.

There were girls everywhere, not to mention moms. There were a few dads there, and maybe a couple of brothers. But for Kyle, this was uncharted territory.

On the walls, he saw pictures of classes, of dancers in their costumes. In recitals. In competition. In class. Some were very old. Not one had a boy in them.

"Oh my gosh I can't believe she kept this one," he heard a familiar voice say.

He looked around to see Miss Arceneaux.

"Here I am Kyle, and I must have been about your age," she said pointing to a photo of a young teenager in a class en pointe.

There were other familiar faces on the wall, only more recent. Olivia and Claire were in a picture with two other girls holding a trophy.

"That's our jazz team from last year," he heard another familiar voice say. It was Olivia. "We had just won our competition in Atlanta."

"I put all of my students pictures on my walls," an unfamiliar voice said. "Maybe yours will be up there at the end of the school year."

He looked around and saw a graceful, gray haired woman, who looked younger than a teacher who once taught Miss Arceneaux.

"You must be Kyle," she said. "Olivia, Claire and Marie have told me all about you. So you're going to be joining us this year?"

"Yes, ma'am," he said.

"You're going to be really fortunate," Miss Arceneaux said. "Madame Kathryn is an excellent."

"I already think he's fortunate to have you teaching him at school, along with Oliva and Claire," she said. "Marie's going to be helping us some. She is one of the best students I've ever had."

Kyle introduced Madame Kathryn and Miss Arceneaux to his mother. Madame Kathryn went on to explain about the classes and handed his mother a schedule.

Ballet classes for Katey and Caitlyn would follow right after school on Mondays and Wednesdays, with Kyle's following theirs. He would be in the same class with Olivia, Claire, Beth and Emilee. It would be a mixture of beginners and more advanced students, but Madame Kathryn preferred her dancers to be in classes with students their own age.

He could do his homework while his sisters were in class.

"Will you be taking jazz, too?" Olivia asked. "Jazz class is on Tuesdays and Thursdays."

"That's up to you," his mother replied.

"Well I could give it a try," he said.

It would pretty much fill up the week. It also left no time for basketball.

"You're either going to enjoy dance or be sick of it," his mother said.

She was right. Counting Miss Arceneaux's class, he would be taking ballet four straight days, with jazz mixed in.

Madame Kathryn then handed his mother a dress code sheet.

"I'm pretty much a traditionalist," she said. "Kyle, I'd like for you to wear tights, but I'll make an exception. Just get the shoes and you can wear your P.E. uniform."

"You can buy the shoes and the girls' dancewear here," she told his mom. "Or you can shop elsewhere."

"They're reasonable priced here," another voice said.

"Hello Abby," his mother said to Olivia's mom.

"So you're signing up three?" she asked. "So am I."

They walked into a room with a variety of clothes. Leotards, unitards and other costumes Kyle had never seen before were hanging every where. Some were traditional, ballet stuff.

Others had glitter and fringes, he didn't know what they were for. There were tutus and skirts his sisters liked.

All three tried on shoes. Much to Kyle's surprise, there were some black ones his size.

His mother picked out leotards and tights for his sisters to try on.

First Katey came out to model what she had on, then Caitlyn.

"We do keep some boys things, if you're interested," another voice said from behind the counter.

"You must be Judith Thornton," she said. "I'm Gayle Thompson, Claire's mother. I'm the store manger."

She pulled out a drawer with boys tights and and things called dance belts.

"Kathryn insists we keep something in stock in case a boy does take a class," she said.

"Well Kyle, I think is just going to wear his P.E. uniform," his mother said.

"Well mom, I don't guess it would hurt to at least try them on," he said much to her surprise.

Mrs. Thompson handed him tights she felt might fit him and he took them to a changing room.

He admitted they felt strange as he sort of gawked at himself in the mirror. "Well, maybe I'll show mom, and see what she thinks."

Just as he walked out of the changing room, he ran right smack into Claire, who just walked out of another changing room. She was wearing a black leotard and pink tights.

"You guys look like you're about to practice a pas de deaux," another voice said. It was Olivia.

"A what?" Kyle asked.

"It's partnering," Claire said. "And you would like very nice as my partner."

What could he say? He thought about saying "I'm just trying them on, I'm not going to wear them to class.

Instead, he handed them to his mother.

"I guess I'll take them," he said.

"I'm really in trouble if the guys see me wearing this," he thought. "Oh my gosh, what about dad?"

He might could keep it a secret from the guys at school. But dad was another story.

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re: His Secret, Chapter 6
By bdancer3333
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Can you guess what I'm going to say? Good, that will give me time to read Chapter 7!


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