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"Vacationing" - a very short story I wrote a few summers back-
By scarpetterosa
On Sat Aug 25, 2007 09:50 PM
Edited by scarpetterosa (179713) on 2007-08-25 21:51:15


It was the end of the summer and nothing had changed. She had time, or so she thought, days to fill - being on vacation - vacation from what?
There was no reason to be on vacaion, no valid reason - this was no compensation for things achieved - this vacation was justified only in light of physical and mental deterioration from stress.

Three decades of maturing just to end up with mold and no substance. How can one have mold and no substance? Was there a substance prior to the mold? And what was the mold feeding off?

The word mold. Mold. Mixture, blend, unison. Decades of gathering - to end up empty.

This was a vacation. Entire days to please oneself and kind weather too. If you had never started plucking them, your eyebrows would have a shape of their own. Or maybe not.

- Not everyone can be an artist, you know? Some people are better off being secretaries instead.
- Not everybody's mind is interesting enough to be paid attention to , you know?
- You can't expect to make a living just by BEING!
- Right, what's that supposed to mean? Can't I just BE?
- I'm afraid it won't work, it won't sell, it's not appealing enough and serves no function. You're gonna have to keep trying.

So, a vacation from stress from lack of productivity. And during it, the untiring effort of convincing each other that it is worthy and believable and correct and approvable.
Decades of life as we know it.
The voices speak: we are tired. We are fragile. And more tired.
We take turns at falling and assuring one another that we are chosen and blessed with a task we have yet to uncover. The day this revelation will come, we will recover, and pass the message on as an example for the other.

At least one decade of feeding us this crap. And it doesn't even work anymore. Most of us are now turning to pregnancy instead. We're losing adepts left and right. They fall like flies. Glad to bear a different cross.
Decades of searching are coming to an end. Resigning is and option.
Embittered figures will inhabit the dacades of vacations to come. We, the cursed - the one who missed the solution BIG TIME - though it was dangled in front of our eyes - we resisted, we embraced, we felt strong.

And so it goes, time has lost significance - time to work, time to rest, time to enjoy, time to despair - gone! No distinction remains -
We have so much time...decades of undistinguishable time -one ever lasting vacation as guests, foreign to this Earth.

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re: "Vacationing" - a very short story I wrote a few summers back-
By enlair89
On Sun Aug 26, 2007 05:32 PM
Wow. That's very interesting, and very deep. I understand a lot of the thoughts you expressed in it.


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