It's Not Mean to be Informative/Stop Spreading Incorrect Information!
By Brittany
On 08/27/2007 13:09:19
To quote Aya (I’m pretty sure she said something like this, somewhere. Can’t find it…but still) we only promote safe piercing procedures on this board.

Not only do we only promote safe piercing procedures, we also only promote safe tattoo procedures.

There have been quite a few posts that turn into drama because people want to do something that is not quite smart concerning piercings and tattoos.

By not quite smart I mean the follow:
[i]There are additions to this list…this is just a partial list[/i]

Getting pierced underage
Getting tattooed underage
Going to an artist willing to pierce you underage
Going to an artist willing to tattoo you underage
Taking a piercing out while it is infected
Using alcohol, peroxide, or other unsuitable cleaning agents for piercings/tattoos
Getting pierced with a gun

Many people have found certain members (myself included) to be mean, rude, out of line, whatever when we tell people that what they are doing to their body is NOT safe.

Let me make this clear.

[big]Body piercings and tattoos can harm your body. YOUR BODY. They are NOT to be taken lightly nor should someone get pierced or tattooed without researching.[/big]

To try to put it into perspective for some people that are not so much into piercings or tattoos like myself and other Body Art regulars…

Think about a thread you might have seen where people are talking about teaching themselves to dance en pointe or wearing Irish hardshoes or another taboo for beginners in your form of dance. Now, when replying or thinking in your head what should be said to this person, were you cotton candy nice? Generally not. Because you don’t want these people to hurt themselves.

The reason we are so blunt and “stuck in our ways” about piercings and tattoos is because WE do not want you to get hurt. We also do not want you being someone that encourages people to do stupid things concerning piercings and tattoos. You might not know you are encouraging someone, but if someone comes across a thread about getting a tattoo at the age of 14 then that can spark an idea in their head. A lot of teenagers will do whatever they have to to get what they want.

[b]What can happen if piercings go wrong:[/b]

[b]Abscess: [/b] a pocket of pus surrounded by inflammation. Can happen from contaminated tools or trapped bacteria. (
[b]Bell’s Palsy: [/b] Yes, I am sure it is rare however an infection can get trapped and travel to the facial nerve and attack it.
Sara writes:
I had an orbital that got an infection. Not a bad one; nothing I couldn't handle. It went away, and one morning on my way home from work my face felt like it was really heavy on one side. By that night my face on the left side was almost completely paralyzed. Doctors linked it back to the infection in the cartilage and because of the fast spread it went straight to my lymph nodes and did that. It hasn't stopped me from getting piercings, but I wish I'd never heard of it because I thought I'd had a stroke. Scary, scary....

[b]Boils[/b] (
[b]Cartilage swelling: [/b] which can lead to chondrosis, or a softening or loss of smooth cartilage. (
[b]Cheese Cutter Effect: [/b] Tearing the piercing out or creating a slit in a piercing. Caused by too small of a gauge. (
[b]Ear Collapse: [/b] Caused when infection gets trapped and spreads. (
[b]Embedded Jewelry: [/b] When the piercer does not put long enough jewelry in a new piercing. New piercings swell. And yes, I have had my jewelry start to embed itself and it is extremely painful. (
[b]Hypertrophic scarring: [/b] (
[b]Impetigo [/b] (
[b]Keloid[/b] (
[b]Migration[/b] (
[b]Rejection[/b] (

And again, this is just a short list as well. To read on many more risks in the body modification world visit:



Just check out the great sticky that TheMidlakeMuse wrote…

and heck, the information is also on my sticky:

[b]Why not to get tattooed underage:[/b]

Here’s the basic reason…

[big]IT’S ILLEGAL[/big]

Now I know there are exceptions. There are states (such as Alabama) that allow people to get tattoos with their parents present. Legal or not, I am still against it.

I love tattoos, they are beautiful. However, as a 19 year old I know that what I wanted tattooed at the age of 14 or 15 is totally different from what I want now. And in a bad way. What I wanted was something I would easily regret with the exception of the tattoo I have on my foot…I knew I wanted a memorial tattoo for my great grandmother at the age of 15 and I knew it would involve a koi fish. However, in most terms, what you want at age 14 is not what you’ll want at age 18+. Simply because you grow and mature a lot in those few years.

Now, for those (which is most of you) that live in places where you have to be 18 or older and are contemplating a tattoo let’s put this into perspective. You are wanting an artist to break the law by putting artwork on your body. This ink goes into your body and stays there. Forever. Unless you pay a lot and go through a lot of pain of tattoo removal or are lucky enough to figure out a design that will cover it when you’re older. Tattoos can bring harm to your body and personally, I rather someone not be breaking the law if what they are doing can harm me. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

[b]Cleaning Agents[/b]
We ask that you please research the advice you give simply because it does concern the body.

Alcohol and peroxide not only dry out the piercing (making healing time longer) but are too strong for new piercings.

Other ointments are not to be used as well.

Piercers dispute about various types of cleaning but the one cleaning agent that is agreed upon is sea salt soaks. I ALWAYS recommend sea salt soaks to someone with an infection, along with antibacterial soap with no scent.

[b]Why not to take out an infected piercing[/b]

Because if you take it out, the infection can get trapped under the skin and spread. That’s the most simple answer I can give you. Don’t take out the jewelry of an infected piercing.

And stop telling people that they should.

That’s pretty much it. I’m just a bit tired of people throwing out information (such as clean it with alcohol or take it out when it’s infected) when they really have no idea what they are talking about. I am also really tired of people getting pissed off when myself and other members speak out against the unhealthy ways some members have gone about getting tattoos or piercings.

If you are underage and wanting a piercing but your parents say no, wait.
I did it, a lot of us did. It won’t kill you and it will test you to see if that is what you REALLY do want.

If you are underage and wanting a tattoo, wait.
Your ideas of what you want will more than likely change.

That’s all I have to say.

re: It's Not Mean to be Informative/Stop Spreading Incorrect Information!
By BeautifulMistake
On 08/27/2007 16:51:41
Aaahhh! Good post! Well said. It's nice to have somebody finally clear this up and clearly state it all and hopefully this will be read lots and people will learn from it.
re: It's Not Mean to be Informative/Stop Spreading Incorrect Information!
By Dancindave08109
On 11/23/2011 22:52:26
I agree body art should be applied safely if not you can hurt herself which is bad for everyone.

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