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~I need help with this story!~
By Silent_Dancer13
On Thu Aug 30, 2007 06:42 AM

I have been writing fiction ever since I can remember and have a new novel idea pretty much once or twice every few months. I recently got a new idea which I think could be really good, but I need some help.

Most of the story is set in a typical American High School, but as I live in England I don't have much of an idea of how it works in the US. I mean, how old are you in grade 9, for example? And how is the timetable set out? Do you have a different order of subjects everyday or the same schedule every day? (I hope that makes sense!)

How many lessons do you typically have each day?

I basically just need to know everything that is different to a British Secondary School. I hope you get what I mean - it is quite hard to exaplain.

Thank you DDN!

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re: ~I need help with this story!~
By Honeymember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Mon Sep 03, 2007 01:02 PM
This is how it is at my high school...I think it's a pretty typical set-up, so I hope this helps.

9th Grade: 14-15
10th Grade: 15-16 (16 is when you can drive)
11th Grade: 16-17
12th Grade: 17-18

Class Times:
First bell rings at 7:35, we then get 10 minutes to get to class
1st hour: 7:45-8:35

2nd hour: 8:40-9:30

3rd hour: 9:35-10:25

4th hour: (lunch) 10:30-11:50 We have our lunch in shifts (A, B, C, D)I have A lunch this year, so right after third hour, I go straight to lunch. If you have B lunch, you wait 20 minutes, and then go...and so on.

5th hour: 11:55-12:45
6th hour: 12:50-1:40
7th hour: 1:45-2:35 Then it's time to go home!

We have the same classes everyday, but I know some schools (mostly private) have it set up where you have 2 hours of science one day...90 minutes of math the next...something like that.

In order to graduate from my school, you need the following credits in each subject:

Language Arts- 4 credits
Social Studies- 3 credits
Mathematics- 3 credits
Science- 3 credits
Fine Arts- 1 credit
Practical Arts- 1 credit
Physical Education- 1 credit
Health- 1/2 credit
Personal Finance- 1/2 credit
Career Path Elective- 1 credit
Electives- 8 credits

Student Organizations
Student Council, National Honor Society, DECA (Nobody at our school really knows what that stands for...), FCCLA (Future Business Leaders of America), FFA (Future Farmers of America), FCLA (Family and Community Leaders of America), Industrial Technology Club, Color Guard, Speech Club, International Club, Drama, Foreign Language Club, Rotary Interact, Literary Guild, Special Olympics, Peer Helpers

Football, Volleyball, Cross Country, Basketball, Track, Golf, Baseball, Soccer, Softball, Wrestling, Cheerleading, Dance Force

Marching Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Color Guard, Concert Choir, Jazz Choir, Drama

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. (and by the way, we just recieved our student handbooks last I don't just have all this useless information off the top of my head :D)


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