Have a Favorite Photo?
By popularlibrary
On 09/17/2007 17:40:28
Pat McBride in costume for the Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux. The NYCB used this photo as the basic for its posters and program covers for several seasons. I love this picture for its wonderful harmony, and its sense of motion in a perfect balance.
re: Have a Favorite Photo?
By Piccola
On 09/17/2007 23:50:43
I love it!! Thank you for sharing!

Is a beautiful picture! You are completly right there is so much harmony in this picture that is really pleasent to see it!
re: Have a Favorite Photo?
By Legwarmer
On 09/18/2007 04:38:46
Ooh, thanks a lot! This picture is just stunning. Really is. (:

If you want to see favourite pictures, I have several... it seems that I have favourite pictures of dancers, or of ballets, or of rehearsals! (:

If you don't mind, I will post a couple. IF you don't mind. But since the topic is "Have..." I guess it is a question.

I am in love with this rehearsal picture of Svetlana Lunkina:

My favourite Romeo and Juliet picture is that if Vladimir Malakhov and Julie Kent at "Malakhov & Friends Gala 2007". I have seen it! They are gorgeous!

My favourite "La Dame Aux Camélias" picture:

My favourite costume picture:

Ballet "Caroline Mathilde" by Royal Danish Ballet

My favourite tendu picture:

re: Have a Favorite Photo?
By Legwarmer
On 09/19/2007 02:30:01
And the torn legwarmer is a trip. Did you put that one in to be mischievous?

Haha, no! I actually love that type of picture, because it cracks down to the very base of ballet the way it looks in "every day life". Moreover, it's not a torn legwarmer, but rather one of those things you can pull up and put your arms in, and then the very top of it looks like a top, and it's attached to those pants. I find the colour of them in that picture horrible, but the material! To die for!

I am obsessed with legwarmers...


There are more rehearsal-picture favourites:

Svetlana Zakharova

Ekaterina Krysanova

And Daria Pavlenko

I know, those were all shot by Haegeman. But I kind of... adore his rehearsal pictures.
Stage work is best captured by Enrico Nawrath, but rehearsals? Haegeman is a king on those ones.
re: Have a Favorite Photo?
By Piccola
On 09/19/2007 14:41:56
oh For some reason they are not showing :(

I got to be honest. I hate this kind of threads because for me it's very difficult to choose only one picture!!! I have a big collection of amazing ballet pics so I'll try to gather some of the "favorites"

This is my current background in the computer

This one was recently posted and I love it!

Well this are SOME of my favorites :D
re: Have a Favorite Photo?
By Piccola
On 09/20/2007 00:11:34
Oh The Trock Rock!!!

I hope to see them one day live!! :D
re: Have a Favorite Photo?
By Agnes77
On 09/20/2007 11:17:42
To popularlibrary
Your pics of Mc Bride are absolutly stunning.
(I have a pointe shoe signed by Patricia McBride ine the 70's.)
I hope that you have many others.
re: Have a Favorite Photo?
By Legwarmer
On 09/20/2007 12:13:15

^^ These are definitely the most gorgeous legwarmers there are. Hah, I found them!! (:

I recently am deeply in love with over-the-knee legwarmers, and different materials are so interesting... I found my favourites. Hah! (: *is extremely happy*

This is my favourite picture of Iana Salenko:

Gorgeous Corps de Ballet picture:

^^ Most beautiful picture of Anna Pavlova

Favourite Don Q:

Probably my favourite class turnout picture:

And... last but not least, my favourite feet picture:

^^ the fun thing about it is that there's no archy-feet-are-more-pretty-debates. Picture shot by Gerard Rincan in 1981.

re: Have a Favorite Photo?
By boozballerina
On 09/28/2007 21:15:37
Love the fun in this pic
re: Have a Favorite Photo?
By Legwarmer
On 10/20/2007 04:30:29
Heather Jurgensen:

Isn't this a lovely picture?
re: Have a Favorite Photo?
By libralee
On 11/04/2007 19:56:16
Someone wanted to know the name of one of the dancers in the photos.

The girl in the yellow dress sitting on the stage is Garet Erwin.
She just turned 17. That picture was taken in March at the Spring Concert. She also starred in the title role of "The Firebird" at the same concert.
re: Have a Favorite Photo?
By nani20
On 11/05/2007 15:25:00
Silvia Azzoni, Heather Jurgensen, Carsten Jung
re: Have a Favorite Photo?
By nani20
On 11/05/2007 15:58:48
And this one.
re: Have a Favorite Photo?
By live4ever4022
On 11/13/2007 08:34:02
I love the picture of the dancer in the bottle! And I love the picture of the dancers in yellow they are pretty!
re: Have a Favorite Photo?
By Ballet_Flower
On 11/13/2007 09:05:47

This one is one of my favourites :D

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