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I'm working on Tientos, what about you?
By oriflamenca Comments: 176, member since Fri Oct 05, 2007
On Thu Nov 01, 2007 01:16 PM

So I am dancing Tientos right now and loving it. At first I was overwhelmed because my teacher chose a rather advanced Tientos choreography for an intermediate class, but now that I am into it I am totally in love. I have worked in Tientos in my technique classes before, but I have never just totally gotten into the palo like I am now. I love the compas and I love the delibrate sadness of the dance, mixed with the energy of the footwork. Just thought I would open a discussion for Tientos or whatever palo(s) your currently working in... What do you love about it, what is difficult, ect... I think it would be fun to see what palos we are all dancing right now, so please share! I am also starting Solea but not to far into it.

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re: I'm working on Tientos, what about you?
By glitterfairyPremium member Comments: 12135, member since Tue Oct 01, 2002
On Fri Nov 02, 2007 04:00 AM
We're doing Alianza Flamenco, so a bit of everything. We use different music for exercises, and then focus on a dance or two each year... last year I learnt a Fandangos, Tangos, Buleria and Farruca, this year I've learnt a Solea por Buleria, Caracoles (although they say it was just a pasos?), Tarrantos (LOVE THE TARRANTOS!), and learning a Garrotin and Romieras.

Sounds very exciting, but I also feel like I don't know very much. At this stage I'd really like to step away from examwork, and just learn flamenco... we just kind of "do" palmas, and I'm only now beginning to understand how it works with the guitar, let alone where and how I might be able to apply contra. Let's not go into my 'understanding' of the dances/music... because I have nothing! NOTHING! Tarrantos is probably the only one I really "feel", but it's so heavy that you'd have to be knocked out not to understand what it's about :/
re: I'm working on Tientos, what about you?
By oriflamenca Comments: 176, member since Fri Oct 05, 2007
On Sat Nov 03, 2007 07:42 PM
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So I did a little research about Alianza Flamenco, and it looks very interesting. How far along are you with it? I think it is cool that they encourage you to cheoreograph your own dances, because that is a skill I most definantly do not have. Have you gotten to that point yet? I gusse I can improvise (only when forced:) but I dont have any clue how to cheoreogaph steps into a compas. I was in technique class one day and my teacher told me I looked really good doing a paticular entrada, and went on to say that we should have an idea of what we do really well for when we start doing our own dances. At the time I thought yeah right, but the more I think about it we really should! I would really like to learn a Garrotin, I did Tangullios and had so much fun danceing with a hat. So the Tientos is comeing along niceley, exept for some people in the class are having trouble with the pace on this one bit of footwork. We still have a month before we have to perform it so I figured the more we all practice together the more on time we will become as a whole and everyone with get with the footwork. Well, I went to class last night and the teacher had other ideas... Since some people said the just "couldnt do it" she replaced it with a llamada, ugh.
Of course if we had it this way all along I would love it just as much, but I am disappointed because I really liked the footwork we where closing out with before ending with a seven compas Tango. I know it is probly best this way, better then a way off group trying to hammer out the other bit, it was just so nice :(
As far as understanding the music you are not alone, Flamenco is very complicated and I am conviced it takes years and years to really have an ear for it.
My first teacher didnt even teach palmas and we barely did them, and never got any explanation. With her it was all posture, hands, and positions. I look at some of the dancers at my new school and wonder how they can grasp complicated compas, palmas and new palos so well, and they are telling me they wish they had my hands :)
I am just glad to be learning the music now, but I gusse I got a really good foundation with holding up posture and all that.
re: I'm working on Tientos, what about you?
By glitterfairyPremium member Comments: 12135, member since Tue Oct 01, 2002
On Sun Nov 04, 2007 01:06 AM
My teacher tells me that in some spanish schools, the students learn palmas for two years before they are even allowed to TOUCH the footwork. I think I understand why!!! She might introduce some theory classes soon, I know I'd like that.

I'm currently on Cuatro level for Alianza Flamenco. It's the 6th level where you have to start doing you own thing... and I'm in no hurry to do that sort of thing!

Of two minds about it. Technically, it's a reasonably solid syllabus as far as examination syllabi go, but I'm not sure that exams and flamenco go very well together. There's a big 'understanding' component to flamenco that isn't touched by the 'demonstration' component that for the most part, is the only thing that can be tested in practical examinations.

Hang in there with the 'can't do it' people. Most likely they will be the ones to stay at recreational level forever - you will move up with other people who prefer to practice hard and be challenged, and you'll be much happier :)