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What is 'Preppy'? Can someone define it for me please and give some examples :)
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On Mon Nov 12, 2007 10:58 AM
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So, apparently, I dress 'preppy.' I was unsure as to whether to receive it as a compliment or an insult. I was insulted with something else though but i'll explain why now. We were in Psychology discussing sub-culture groups and our Teacher as to name some around College. So this one girl, Anna*, (she went to America for the Summer and will be moving out there next year for University) says, 'preppy.' Our Teacher says, 'What do you mean? Is there anyone in the class that you're redeem as preppy.' Well, Anna* points to me and says, 'Her! I don't know your name.' She said it a bit sharp. I was taken aback. I just said, 'My names Jodie. Shall I take that as a compliment or insult.' And embarrasingly laughed. (No one else had been blatantly pointed out in the class!) She said, 'Well, you have ONE style, bit like an emo.' Just gets better. She also insulted a couple of the others. She labelled a sub-culture as 'drivers.' (I'm a driver) and our Teacher was like, 'Huh?' and this Anna says, 'Well because like all they talk about is driving.' Recently a few of us have been discussing driving because two girls just passed their tests and one girl failed her second on Friday. Well, one girl took the mick I was like, 'Ooh miaow.'

Well, anyway. Back to my title! Please someone define it for me and if you can, provide pictures/examples.

This is what I wore today; white short sleeved collared shirt with faint orange/brown stripes, purple v-neck jumper, brown skinnies, brown boots (ugg shape with cream fur inside) and my cute purple coat and brown scarf. I did have my purple beret on. She didn't see me wearing that though.

Tomorrow I'm gonna wear my BRIGHT RED skinnies :P

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re: What is 'Preppy'? Can someone define it for me please and give some examples :)
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On Mon Nov 12, 2007 11:07 AM
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I think of preppy as being the country-club sort of style- polos, tennis clothes, a little sporty and kind of masculine (for a girl) in the shapes (button-down shirts, sweater know, the feminine version of man-tailored clothes) but in lots of pastels, crisp khaki trousers, argyle, simple/minimal jewelry, expensive blonde know, the kind of thing American movies picture trust-fund kids from New England wearing for their summer sailing and playing tennis and then going back to school in the fall wearing. Preppy is the kind of clothing your mother would love it if you wore because it's so completely lacking in any's tailored, it might even be pretty, but it's definitely not going to cause your dad to tell you that you can't leave the house in that, young lady. The term was derived from "prep school" for a reason.

Image hotlink - ''

Runway preppy:
Image hotlink - ''

Definitely preppy (it said they were a dance troupe, apparently:)
Image hotlink - ''
re: What is 'Preppy'? Can someone define it for me please and give some examples :)
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On Mon Nov 12, 2007 11:10 AM
Preppy is the basic style of Hollister, A&F, Aeropostale, American Eagle, etc. . . . . . . . . . . . .

I think what threw Anna off was the collared shirt. Most "preps" (I hate stereotyping) wear polos (a collared shirt with half button-down):
Image hotlink - ''

Now, I'm not sure what you mean by "skinnies." Maybe leggings?
Image hotlink - ''

Most "preps" (God, I hate that word lol) around here wear short dresses or short skirts with these leggings, and also I think the UGG boots threw Anna toward that conclusion.

Take a look around those sites. Those are the basic stores here for "preppy" clothes.
re: What is 'Preppy'? Can someone define it for me please and give some examples :)
By RingingPhonePremium member Comments: 3509, member since Thu Nov 10, 2005
On Mon Nov 12, 2007 12:27 PM
Wiki definition of "preppy": . . .

I use the same definition as Laulaa... it's more than just a style of dressing, it's a lifestyle. I don't consider "preps" to be those who shop at A&F, AE, etc.
re: What is 'Preppy'? Can someone define it for me please and give some examples :)
By amarathPremium member Comments: 5926, member since Sat Apr 19, 2003
On Mon Nov 12, 2007 02:19 PM
I go to a prep school, and preppy is basically the following:

For guys: It's wearing khaki pants, plaid shorts, or really neat khaki shorts, too. Usually wearing a polo shirt, typically in either black, a primary color, or a pastel of some sort; also a lot of time people wear striped oxfords, rolled up to the elbows. Think loafers, either slightly longish hair or a short hair cut, generally neat appearance.

I live in Texas so no one really wears sweaters very often. I guess that people do--at my school, we have a uniform though, and guys mostly just wear sweatshirts if it's cold outside.

For girls: it's not too far off normal, just a little. Some people follow current fashion, but a lot of people do stuff a little weirdly. Polo shirts and nice jean skirts or jeans are pretty common if it's casual, and in general, lots of sun dresses. People do wear pants, but it's really common to see a girl all the time and never see her in trousers. Nice enough jewelery; not very heavy makeup; generally cute and clean. It's how I personally dress up if I don't want to think about anything--it's a nice way to look okay and blend into the crowd.

For shoes, lots of flats, lots of flip flops, some boots. Heels only really come out when people are dressing up, or for parties, unless the girl's into drama or something like that.

... Um. What else? No one really wears any hats, and where I live, no one wears tights typically unless they are black.


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