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You know you're a Rhythmic Gymnast when...
By dancestarlet87
On Sat Dec 08, 2007 10:12 PM

You are tired of explaining that it's not a bowling ball, and that no, you don't do flips
• You hate it when people spell rhythmic 'rythmic'
• Perfectionism is a way of life
• You can't go anywhere without throwing something in the air and catching it
• You do mills with pens, pencils, socks.. anything else you can find
• Split isn't good enough, it has to be OVERsplit
• You laugh at the people in your gym class who say they're really flexible because they can touch their toes
• You aren't freaked out by people folding in half - you think it's cool!
• Nothing is complete without a little glitter
• You are leaving a constant trail of glitter behind yourself
• You hate Lizzie McGuire
• Every Olympics, you stay up really late seeing if there is going to be any rhythmic on TV
• You're in trouble for going over the internet download limit, because you've been downloading rg videos from the internet
• On the carpet, you are extremely co-ordinated, but manage to regularly trip over your own feet.
• People think you're being abused when you're learning new clubs throws
• You've kicked yourself in the head with your foot
• You've been told stop talking about rg by your friends, at least once
• You have a few interesting *party* tricks
• Every guy at parties wants to get you drunk to see if they'll show you anything interesting
• The back of your school books are filled with designs of rhythmic bodysuits
• You've broken at least one household item practicing rhythmic gym
• The ceiling of your bedroom has scuff marks on it from practicing hoop in there
• You have an entire cabinet devoted to videos of rhythmic gym comps.
• At least one of these videos has moments VERY suitable for funniest home videos, and/or blackmail
• You think it would be weird NOT to be able to do splits
• You wish you were more flexible than you already are
• All your stories begin with 'at gymnastics once...' or, 'someone I know from gym...'
• Training is a perfectly good excuse not to do your homework, or anything else, for that matter.
• Your social life consists of going to training
• You own more glitter make up than the average 8 year old who loves fairies does.
• You're sick of explaining the difference between rhythmic and artistic to everyone
• There is more lycra than any other material in your wardrobe
• You walk past people thinking to yourself whether they'd be a good rhythmic gymnast or not
• You've tried to convince at least one of your friends to try rhythmic as well.
• The best part of getting your drivers license was being able to drive yourself to training
• You've been so sore that you can't get out of bed in the morning
• You know exactly which heat cream is the best on the market
• You listen to music, wondering if you'd be able to use it for your routines
• Point your feet without even realizing it
• Begin to find yourself hungry... a lot
• Can't remember a day you havent hurt from either being sore or an injury
• You worship days that you have off of the gym
• You find that half your closet is filled up with leos, warm-ups, or sweatshirts and t-shirts that have something to do with Rhythmic
• You fight for ur life when someone says that Rhythmic isnt a real sport
• Regular splits isnt stretching... oversplits is stretching
• You dont understand why people don't know what a club is
• People start freaking out when they see you watching tv or something in a "flexible" position... you didnt even know you were doing!!!
• You start to realize that you havent had real junk food since you were a novice... and that makes you sad
• You want to scream when people complain that they had a two hour practice at dance or cheerleading .... 2 hours?? PSH thats nothing!!
• You always have advil.... no matter what
• You cant live without advil...
•You go through a lot of water... like a fish kind of
• when your phonebook on your cell phone includes your coach's number, gym number, and team number
• when you know the judges by name, personality, and scoring.. thats scary!

6 Replies to You know you're a Rhythmic Gymnast when...

re: You know you're a Rhythmic Gymnast when...
By quiet
On Mon Dec 10, 2007 07:19 PM
This is scarily accurate!
re: You know you're a Rhythmic Gymnast when...
By dancestarlet87
On Mon Dec 10, 2007 07:29 PM
Yes!! Please add to the list!! xxx
re: You know you're a Rhythmic Gymnast when...
By mexijew26
On Tue Dec 11, 2007 11:30 AM
lol, loove this! I stopped a couple years ago, but anyway, soooo true!

I was so addicted to tossing that after I quit, I joined the colorguard at my school, now I can toss weapons too! ^ ^
re: You know you're a Rhythmic Gymnast when...
By indigo_dancer
On Thu Jan 10, 2008 09:00 PM
This is so cute and true in some respects xx
re: You know you're a Rhythmic Gymnast when...
By Proud_Mama
On Wed Jan 23, 2008 12:48 AM
This is great! Very funny!!! :)
re: You know you're a Rhythmic Gymnast when...
By Simona_A
On Wed Jan 23, 2008 10:28 AM
I wasn't a champion and I quit rhytmic gymnastics for a while...but all what you have said is so very, very true...I thought my interest for rhytmics is strange by happening what you have mentioned...more than 3/4 written by you, already happened to did you remembered all of them?
You can't even pick one that happened more than others...All so very, very true and very, very nice!

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