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Male dancers, or gils w/ experience in hooking guys to pdd with: HELP
By Jedi_LongOne
On Mon Dec 10, 2007 03:36 PM

I just took my first PDD class, kinda. I was having a semi-private with my male teacher, Jordi Ribera, and my buddy Kaila, and our regular teacher decided that we were ready to start PDDing (is that even a word?). Kaila had done a little teensy bit before, but I was a complete newbie. Miss Diane had us start on the Vision PDD from the original Petipa Sleeping Beauty. HOLY NERF IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I swear, I've never felt better dancing in my whole life!!!

There's just one teensy little problem:

I'm too tall.

We have only three male dancers at our studio:

Spencer, age nine, who just started level one.

Ricky, my step-nephew who is taller than me by a foot and a half, only started dancing in september, is overweight(not to be mean, but he is),and border line ADD (again, not to be mean).

And my teacher, Jordi Ribera, who is too short for me.

Out of these, the only sutible parter is too short!

So, you male dancers out there: What convinced you to start ballet? Was it the thirty-two scantily-clad beautiful muscular women in the corps? Or the fact that you got to spend nice quality time with your girlfriend, working your guts out, making her look pretty? Or did your mom force you when you were little?

In other words:


Thanks for the help,

Jedi Long One

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re: Male dancers, or gils w/ experience in hooking guys to pdd with: HELP
By BalletdogPremium member
On Mon Dec 10, 2007 10:38 PM
Edited by Balletdog (120852) on 2007-12-10 22:42:27
I'm a guy with extensive partnering experience, and over the past several years I've watched many other guys and gals who have partnered. It's my experience that physical differences between male and female partners is a minor issue, not a major issue. The two partners simply have to adjust to each other over practice and time. I had a partner for over a year who was quite a bit taller than me. I just had to get used to her height - her waist is higher, we couldn't do finger pirouettes, and it's more important to not let her start tipping off balance. I adjusted over several practice sessions. She was a great partner, and her height was actually very elegant looking, and I was honored to be her partner.

I think you should go ahead and let your teacher partner you, even if he's shorter than you. He's probably a very good partner, and will adjust to your height with practice.

To answer your question toward the end of your post - keep in mind that I'm a recreational adult ballet dancer speaking, not a youth in ballet training or a ballet company member - I started partnering because a ballet teacher once told me "there's something else you can do with ballet besides classes - you can partner female ballet students. Male partners are needed, and you will be much appreciated." To further answer your question, the young guys I've known who partner generally seemed more interested in learning partnering and doing a good job, not so much in going for muscular (or whatever) ladies. Also, I've never personally known a boyfriend/girlfriend partner couple. (And...heeheehee...I was far too much of an adult for my Mom to force me to do partnering... :])

I say...go ahead and let your teacher partner you, allowing for the time and practice it might take for you two to become used to each other. And will have a partner.

re: Male dancers, or gils w/ experience in hooking guys to pdd with: HELP
By Chapter17member has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Tue Dec 11, 2007 09:09 AM
When I was PDDing, I wasn't allowed to be on pointe..or demi for that matter. The only boy who was tall enough to do it with me still wasn't tall enough. I agree with BalletDog about the teacher partnering thing...Just until your knight in shining ballet shoes appears. Good luck and don't give up!
re: Male dancers, or gils w/ experience in hooking guys to pdd with: HELP
By rmdanceguy1
On Tue Dec 11, 2007 10:22 PM
Edited by rmdanceguy1 (145782) on 2007-12-11 22:35:51 Need to clarify comment
This is just an idea, but you might try to put the word out to other studios in the area. Is there a studio in the area supporting a local youth ballet company? How about the local Performing Arts center? For example, in my area, the Performing Arts Center has a Conservatory with a resident Dance program which offers classes in ballet for all ages and levels. Perhaps those would be options for you to find a local boy who could partner you or they could direct you to a studio who could. Otherwise, I also concur with what Balletdog posted.

What convinced me to take ballet? I am an adult male dancer who has always wanted to take ballet. I am also a recreational dancer.

Just like Chapter 17 said, don't give up. Keep trying.


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