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Recital Planning Time Line
By tutunoodle
On Sun Jan 13, 2008 09:38 PM

Has anyone designed or developed a specific "RECITAL PLANNING TIME LINE"? A "checklist of "chores" (if you will) one can follow as recital approaches? (ex. July - reserve performance faciltiy, August - think of theme & music selections, September - ..., November - begin measuring for costumes, December - begin selecting/ordering costumes...etc,etc,etc...???)

I think having a specific time line that one can follow each year would be very beneficial...

Any thoughts?

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re: Recital Planning Time Line
By sciencedancer
On Sun Jan 13, 2008 09:50 PM
I would like this too!
re: Recital Planning Time Line
By Dream_chaserPremium member
On Sun Jan 13, 2008 10:06 PM
Edited by JLL (11405) on 2008-01-13 22:08:26
Yes, in fact I think Rhee had that in his book.

I had one set up on my calendar and just updated it each year. I no longer have it but I set dates and the things I needed to do by what date and kept it from year to year.

I found this link for you but will post what it says, too, just in case the link goes bad... . . .

Of course, my list was more detailed and had more things like tickets, etc. but it's a good jumping off point. I started by making a list that I kept with me at all times, even at bedtime. I also kept a check off list in my computer.

Planning a dance recital requires organization. It is important to follow a time line and complete each task in time. Here are some steps to effectively plan a dance recital.
Difficulty: Moderate
Things You'll Need

* Lights and sound list
* Programs
* Information sheet

Step One
Book a date well in advance. Visit performing arts centers or theaters in your area to find a place that works for your dance recital. Many theaters book up to a year in advance, so it is key to book early. Schedule both a rehearsal and recital date.
Step Two
Order costumes about six months before your dance recital. Costume companies usually take months to send out costumes. You want to order early to have time to alter costumes if needed.
Step Three
Choreograph dances for the recital. Make sure that the performers have plenty of time to practice before the event. Schedule additional rehearsals if needed.
Step Four
Meet with the lighting and sound technicians before your recital. Go over specifics with them so they know what you want. Make a list of special lighting or sound requests.
Step Five
Hire a photographer and videographer for your dance recital. Parents love to be able to buy photos and videos of their child's recital.
Step Six
Print programs with each dance routine to pass out at the dance recital. Include the names of the performers in the program as well. Include information about your dance school in the program for those who may be interested in classes.
Step Seven
Hand out information to all of your dancers with details about the show. Let them know what time they need to be there and where to go upon arrival. The clearer you are in communicating, the better your dance recital goes.


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