i finally got it !!!
By balletguy7
On 02/05/2008 12:56:03
Hii Girls & Guys

I am really really happy cause finally I got my VISA to move to Canada as a permanent resident after 3 years of dealing with immigration agents, lawyers and having lot of hard times in many aspects of my life(desperation, hope, illusion, 2 surgeries,blabla, moving to Spain, and back to Mexico again)

I feel really happy that my faith in God and my perseverance and the help of my family, friends and people at DDN helped me alot in order to achieve my goal, so I have great expectations to come back Canada and meet again with my friends and former employers, and I have great plans such as buying and apartment or even a house outside the Montreal area, getting a job to start and then getting a better one, and mostly find a girlfriend or even a wife to share the important moments of life and of course re start my adult ballet classes ;)

I haven't been at DDN cause I moved to Spain on October to study a short course, first I attended the course at one town called Vitoria at the UPV(Basque country university), a nice clean town, here's their site:


and after that I finished the course at Seville a beautiful and historic city in the south, nice weather, not as expensive as Vitoria and the people is really nice and friendly there, and I must say that girls there are really beautiful and sexy hehehe :)For guys the paradise with 1000's of beautiful girls and for girls is the paradise for shopping specially cause there is the sold out season at any store from January to March !!!

Here the site of Seville, if one day you want to visit it:


So thank you very much nice people of DDN for all your support and best wishes, if I can help anybosy please don hesitate to PM or contact me through your thread, and if you have a dream go for it, never get up and remember that every positive thought will become a reality !!

Have a nice day


PS If this is not the right site dear moderators please move to a proper one ;)
re: i finally got it !!!
By Celebrian
On 02/05/2008 17:58:07
Nice to see you again! Glad everything worked out well for you and you got a lot of very nice life experiences as well.
re: i finally got it !!!
By d4j
On 02/05/2008 22:47:10
I've always wanted to go to Spain! Thanks for the links. :) Congratulations on being able to start your new life. Good luck to you. d4j~
re: i finally got it !!!
By geebranz
On 03/13/2021 23:02:22
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