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PowWow dancing (karma: 1)
By JwshIrshdancer Comments: 524, member since Fri Feb 04, 2005
On Sat Mar 08, 2008 10:43 AM

Just thought I'd post on this board, it's been awhile since I've been on here.

Last weekend I attended the Indian Summer Winter Powwow held at State Fair Park in Milwaukee. It was great. My boyfriend's grandfather was the announcer and a lot of his family danced.

Since I'm not Indian, I have issues dancing around him. It makes me feel weird (even though I know how to dance, and majored in American Indian Studies, I'm the closest second to a real Indian has he says, LOL). On Sunday I went with his mom, step-dad, brother, and sister (not related to his grandfather who was there, that's his dad's side). He didn't show up on Sunday, so I was out there dancing with his little sister and his mom. It was pretty amazing. Dancing at Powwows for me is very spiritual. I have moccasins that I have made my self and it was the first time I ever danced in them.

I said goodbye to his grandfather before I left and he told me that he had seen me dancing out there and all I needed was a dress. That was very special to me because his dad's side of the family is very traditional and I didn't know how accepting of me they would be since I'm not Native.

Next Powwow for me is the MATC Powwow to be held at Indian Community school in Franklin, WI. April 19!

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