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Backcatch photo
By Lil_Charlimember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Sun Mar 23, 2008 10:40 AM

Heya. This is my backcatch and i was wondering how i can make my head and back a little less twisted to one side? As you can see it looks a bit strange! Thankyou! xx

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re: Backcatch photo (karma: 1)
By hamfistPremium member
On Sun Mar 23, 2008 01:17 PM
You comment well!

But, from my examination of the photo, you have quite good flexibility and only need to get technique sorted! Yes, you have twisted your body, but the raised foot is in the correct plane and this is excellent.

Perhaps you should re-visit basics; To get a successful back catch you need exercises to progress as follows:
1. Do standard splits getting hips properly square, and hold the splits in total comfort (without difficulty).
2. Do slight over splits of 6 ins or 15cm until you can and hold the oversplit easily.
3. In the oversplits do backbends with head brushing your rear thigh.
4. On the floor in a chest stand, do overhead splits, the same position as a back catch but not standing.
5. Then you are ready to stand and do the back catch but if your shoulders are not flexible enough to be able to grasp the raised leg at the knee then shoulder exercises will need to be done.

Ian (Trainer of contortionists)
re: Backcatch photo
By MisterMistermember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Mon Mar 24, 2008 02:42 AM
you have a great flexibility! Your backcatch-photo seems to be a good start to progress well.

re: Backcatch photo
By modern_dancamember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Mon Mar 31, 2008 06:48 AM
Well done Charli your backcatch is brilliant!
Thank you Ian and Mister Mister for the great comments!
Keep it up Charli!
Love Emma xxxx (big sister)

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