Artistic or Rhythmic?
By Luv_RG
On 03/24/2008 17:48:30
Which one do you like more and why?
re: Artistic or Rhythmic?
By munchie4
On 03/30/2008 18:09:15
I also prefer watching rhythmic, they have such amazing flexibility and they express themselves more than artistic. Artistic gymnasts are also really good, but some of those flips and stuff look dangerous. mutchie4
re: Artistic or Rhythmic?
By Cadbury_Eater
On 04/07/2008 21:47:08
I like both. But at the moment I'm tending to be mroe into rhythmic gymnastics.
re: Artistic or Rhythmic?
By Merfi
On 04/26/2008 23:00:39
I prefer doing artistic (I've never done rhythmic) but I prefer watching rhythmic. No, actually I prefer watching both!
re: Artistic or Rhythmic?
By Johandie
On 04/27/2008 10:35:17
I like both, but with that said, i like watching both different reasons. I admire the strength of the artistic gymnasts, as well as the flexibility of the rhythmic gymnasts. The cartwheels and walkovers the rhythmic gymnasts do look completely different to the artistic gymnasts. The key word for me is the difference, and i like both, because of the difference the two have in relation (not only to each other) but to other 'sports' as well...

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