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New Bloch TMT (Thermo Morph Technology) en>fr fr>en
By LoveBallet2008 Comments: 325, member since Sat Oct 06, 2007
On Sat Apr 05, 2008 11:59 AM

hey guys!

just wanted to ask, do any of you have the new bloch TMT pointe shoes (like the axis and b-morph)?

i have the bloch axis, and the whole TMT thing really does make sense and a difference.

so do any of you guys have TMT pointe shoes by bloch?

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re: New Bloch TMT (Thermo Morph Technology) en>fr fr>en
By Crystlee Comments: 52, member since Fri Mar 31, 2006
On Sat Apr 05, 2008 12:35 PM
I have the axis as well. I really like the TMT box, however the shank for me is iffy. I wish that I could make it more pliable by doing tondues and other exercises, as I feel like I have springs under my metatarsals when I'm on demi pointe. Other that that, I like the shoe for my right foot. My left foot, however, is a different issue. The TMT shank is not very supportive en pointe, which is fine for my stronger right foot, but my left foot has a different opinion. It knuckles, which is very scary. Regular shanks do not give me these problems, however. If they would make this shoe with a TMT box and a regular shank, I would be very happy!