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what excactly is Capoeira.... sounds cool
By emilyblunt Comments: 27, member since Fri May 25, 2007
On Thu May 08, 2008 02:17 PM
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I'm a ballet dancer and I was browsing the website when I came upon this.... I probably sound like a moron saying this to you guys but what excactly is Capoeira? it sounds cool and fun but not like hip hop... Is it?

Basically I'm looking for someone to answer this post who has a passion for capoeira, a dancer or maybe even a teacher.... :D

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re: what excactly is Capoeira.... sounds cool
By Jazzonia Comments: 22, member since Sat Jul 28, 2001
On Thu May 08, 2008 06:19 PM
Hi there. Capoeira is a mix between a martial art, a game, and a dance. A lot of break dancing moves stemmed from capoeira, like the side-ways handstand called Au ( . . .).
Capoeira also has a lot of crazy acrobatics that dancers use a lot, like the mariposa ( . . .).
But acrobatics is not really what the game is about. It's a game where two people use kicks and dodges and other movements to interact and dance around each other. They almost never make contact with each other, they pull back before they land a kick, but the idea is to trick your opponent and make a fool of him/her. So it's a lot of fun. The people who are playing are usually surrounded by a circle of other capoeira players (a roda) who play instruments and sing and take turns cutting in. It was played by African slaves in Brazil, and disguised as a dance instead of a martial art whenever offials were watching. So the culture and philosophy are a huge part of capoeira. It wasn't introduced into the U.S. until the 70s, but it's grown a lot since then. Here are a couple good places where you can see videos of it online:

basic intro . . .
free classes (not fantastic, but not bad either) . . .
premium classes (you have to pay a subscription)

I hope this helps!