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Capoeira Video, Coupon
By Jazzonia Comments: 22, member since Sat Jul 28, 2001
On Thu May 08, 2008 05:54 PM

I want to train some capoeira where I can fit it in with dance. I found this coupon code so I thought I'd share:

$10 off your first month at
Coupon code: RODADS

Check out their video on YouTube: . . .

I've been thinking about doing this b/c of my brother. He found a capoeira group in college and did really well. Three years later, he was teaching at batizados. I think he's particularly gifted, but still, are many dancers teaching master classes after just three years of training? I guess maybe in hip hop, but never in jazz or ballet, right? Anyway, the culture of it looks amazing. He and his wife are always hanging out with their capoeira friends, making brazilian food, performing in street rodas and flying to different batizados. He says dancers can pick it up fast. Has anyone tried?