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Boy partner needed for latin american&ballroom dancer age 15+
By OLeary_fairy1 Comments: 3, member since Sun May 27, 2007
On Sat May 24, 2008 10:17 AM
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I'm in serious need of a boy partner who's a latin american and balroom dancer and is aged 15+. He needs to be from the UK(preferably Wales) and needs to be interested in doing competative competitions I have been dancing for 8 years.I'm star 3 in the IDTA Latin and recently went up to the British formation championships with my schools formation team and came 5th. I really need a partner, with out one I'll have to give up my dancing an thats something I really don't want to do as I really love it! If your a boy latin dancer or know of a boy who needs a girl partner email me on and I'll get back to you, thanks! Sophie :) xxx