Sharing leotards???
By Alina17
On 04/19/2003 09:32:49
I created this collage to show how russian gymnasts share their leotards. What do you think about it?

Gymnasts(left => right):

1. Irina Tchatchina, Olga Belova, Dinara Gimatova / Yana Batyrchina, Olga Belova

2. Alina Kabaeva, Irina Tchatchina / Irina Tchatchina, Zarina Gizikova

3. Alina Kabaeva, Liasan Utiacheva / Irina Tchatchina, Zarina Gizikova

4. Yulia Barsukova, Alina Kabaeva, Olga Belova / Alina Kabaeva, Liasan Utiacheva

5. Alina Kabaeva, Olga Kapranova, Zarina Gizikova / Alina Kabaeva, Liasan Utiacheva

6. Vera Sessina, Liasan Utiacheva, Dinara Gimatova / Alina Kabaeva, Yulia Barsukova
re: Sharing leotards???
By gymnast
On 04/21/2003 05:14:54
i think maybe some of them took the design or something like that...
By rsgsweetie
On 04/21/2003 15:36:02
they probably took the same design but made it in different sizes for the different gymnasts.
re: Sharing leotards???
By rg_sweetie
On 04/21/2003 19:19:35
I don't think they share the same leotard. There may be a numeber of leotards designed and the gymnasts chose what they liked. You know, gymnasts have different boby figure, height... and so on.
re: Sharing leotards???
By Alina17
On 04/22/2003 13:42:24
I don't know.. But it's really strage to see elite gymnast wearing leotards looking as the same one in top competitions. :)
re: Sharing leotards???
By cnnrsg
On 04/22/2003 19:22:14
sharing leotards is mostly done on the russian team, and all the pictures you posted are gymnasts from the russian team, they do that a lot because it is a lot of hard work to make just one leotard, a lot of detail goes into it. they do share the same exact leotard, the material is strechty, and most of the gymnasts are the same size anyways and it forms to their bodies because of the material.
re: Sharing leotards???
By huilinglee
On 04/22/2003 19:41:43
I think it is possible to share leotards especially among russian gymnast because they are so close with each other and it makes sense as they each get a different design so that they all have something different to share. So alina17 is right, I think they do share leotards
re: Sharing leotards???
By Alina17
On 04/23/2003 08:13:15
Thanks cnnrsg, I wasn't sure :)
re: Sharing leotards???
By yuliag
On 04/23/2003 23:04:11
It also seems that some of the leotards were designed by one person.
re: Sharing leotards???
By wetnoodle
On 04/25/2003 09:03:24
yes, yuliag, i noticed that too :) their leotards are mostly really bright and colourful and flowery. too much for my taste...i prefer more elegant leotards with less clashing colours and huge flowery designs. but too plain isn't good as well. anyway, I'm sure they share leotards, because we do to! :) It saves loads of money, considering the hefty price of one's so expensive! And they're all so skinny anyway so it won't be that hard to share :D
re: Sharing leotards???
By TwirlerGrl247
On 04/25/2003 18:33:48
how much do those costumes usually cost? I know twirling costumes getting very expensive and these costumes look like the cost a good amount of money!
re: Sharing leotards???
By huilinglee
On 04/30/2003 01:12:01
i don't think they have to pay a single cent for those leotards because each time they go for a national competition or an international the government or the club will sponser for their leotards. so you see, it's not saving their money but the government. But this is good which means they have more designs to choose from since each of them have different leotards.

in my country, the government sponsers their leotards both nationally and internationally. If it is national, they'll sponser bout 1/2 the price. :)
re: Sharing leotards???
By dancer_166
On 05/03/2003 02:05:53
i think sharing leotards is okay as long as they are washed and steralized after each use
re: Sharing leotards???
By SesameSt79
On 05/05/2003 12:40:00
I'm not sure if sharing is the right word. I personally wouldn't want someone to wear the costume I just took off to compete against me. But, in the baton twirling world, almost all of us sell our costumes once they are outgrown or we have new ones made or are moving up a level and want something more mature. It's actually quite an fun thing. Most of the beginner students love to buy the elite athletes costumes when they get new ones... they remember seeing them on twirlers they think are truely amazing and can't wait to put on something they owned. Much like an older sisters hand me downs. She is so much cooler that wearing her clothes will make you as cool as she is.

Just this weekend I had a student win her first solo. She was wearing Jackie Mellington's costume that Jackie won one of her first titles in many years ago. She swore to me all the way home the costume must have rubbed off on her.

How would you sterilize a costume?
re: Sharing leotards???
By TwirlerGrl247
On 05/23/2003 14:52:37
I also think sharing Leotards is a great idea just as long as u know the girl your getting it from and there clean!
re: Sharing leotards???
By Aspire
On 05/25/2003 10:57:19
I think that's a great idea. Save money.
re: Sharing leotards???
By RSGchic4life
On 06/07/2003 08:03:00
This is an excerpt from an interview with Lyasan Utiacheva, a member of the Russian team.

Interviewer: All gymnasts are constantly changing their outfits in which they perform. Do you have a favorite leotard?

Lyasan: We really do change them quite often. Viner orders these leotards from abroad and gives them out to us. We give the old ones to the younger athletes.

So, yes, judging from that interview, they definitely must share leos. And just for reference, Irina Viner is the Russian head coach.
re: Sharing leotards???
By Alina17
On 06/07/2003 16:53:22
RSGchic4life, that's a great post! Very informative, I gave you karma.
Thanks very much :)
re: Sharing leotards???
By rg_sweetie
On 07/09/2003 01:05:03
Hi Alina17! Do you remember me? I'm the web-mistress of Beyond Beauty and Truly Rhythmic. Can I use the above pic that was made by you in my web? I'll put your name there.
Thanks in advance! :D
re: Sharing leotards???
By FlippinCrazy
On 07/17/2003 08:47:54
wow thatz pretty kool.
re: Sharing leotards???
By keeponflippen
On 07/17/2003 15:29:36
Cool! You did a GOOD job with that!
re: Sharing leotards???
By Peong1964
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