What is house
By aly12345
On 06/17/2008 18:07:05

Ican't belive this post isn't a sticky.

Well anyway, I am a ballet dancer trying to learn about different styles of dance.

I have been researching DDN, you know chekin' out the stickies and seeing what the different dances were, when I stumbled upon House.

So, What is House?

re: What is house
By weavers
On 06/18/2008 15:10:10
you know what a club is? well in the early 1970s there was this club/warehouse, in new york called "house" they had a different kind of music that wasn't quite funk or disco, it was a bit of both with bass drums, electronic beats and sometimes vocals. and all different kinds of dancers went to these clubs. so house dance has ballet, it has jazz, it has hip-hop, it has break dancing, it has disco, it has all of this mixed together, and things elements browed from other forms of dance to create house dance. wikipedia, isn't to great for history, but it gives a basic outline for stuff. if you want a real history or know more about the dance, then you gotta hit the clubs and find out yourself then, then find someone that teaches house and knows about the origins of house. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_music
re: What is house
By JackDaniel
On 06/24/2008 14:40:23
Yo Larry! Great break down of the history man! Let me touch on a few aspects of the dance that larry did not cover. House Dance is similar to most classical dances in that it has basic fundimental/foundational steps and moves that define the dance. While being a purely freestyle expressional social dance, it is often thought of as an abstract dance with no mold or structure but in actuality it is governed by its foundation. Many have applied these elements to form choreography but the roots of this dance lie in the clubs, on the dancefloors, and in circles where a form of non verbal communication is exchanged with its practitioners. House Dance is now found on most continents of the world and most commonly found in the cities of: New York Los Angeles San Francisco Paris Tokyo if you want to know more go to youtube and watch as many house dance videos as possible. There are many so some are good and some are bad... Should give you a general idea. Search for dancers such as: Ejoe Wilson Terry Wright Brian Green Caleaf Tone McGreggor Marjory Meech Onomo that should be enough to keep you busy for a while. Hope i could be of some assistance. My 2 cents, Danny

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