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Dance Therapy
i would like information on dance therapy programs offered and the colleges that have them.
By deranged_jester Comments: 1, member since Tue Jul 01, 2008
On Tue Jul 01, 2008 10:56 AM

i have recentally visited drexel university and instantly fell in love with it. However i do need some back up options for college and i was hoping someone might know something about some other colleges, such as Russel Sage in Troy,NY. i gather that it is an all female college and if anyone has information on that subject and their programs i would much appreciate it. also i have heard about Lesley University in Massachusetts. mostly i would like student or allumni accounts of what it is like at the colleges and what their programs offer. and any other places that offer a major in Dance therapy would be helpful. Being a rising senior i need to figure out where i can go to get the education i want.