Ice Prinsess
By TheSwan
On 07/26/2008 02:03:39
Has anyone seen this movie? What did it teach you about ice-skating? It surely gives me more passion.
re: Ice Prinsess
By Cadbury_Eater
On 07/27/2008 00:56:47
I've watched that movie! It was good.
re: Ice Prinsess
By cloudii
On 08/08/2008 15:07:31
That movie is what made me want to figure skate (along with Go Figure)
re: Ice Prinsess
By ballet_rox_sox
On 08/09/2008 01:28:36
That movie is what made me want to figure skate (along with Go Figure)
I agree! i loved both these movies!
re: Ice Prinsess
By SkaterEmily_X
On 09/10/2008 12:52:56
no ive never seen it:( is it good?? i love the figure skating film ice princess though
re: Ice Prinsess
By Newway
On 09/22/2008 18:59:24
I love that movie. one of the best.
re: Ice Prinsess
By Stronghold
On 11/13/2008 09:46:49
Great Movie! Inspirational!
re: Ice Prinsess
By XxKacixX
On 01/11/2009 15:22:06
Watched the film about 100 times at least, its one of Kacis favourites! She just loves it (and plus the film revolves round Casey so I think she likes to pretend its really herself!LOL!!) Oh well I dont mind it, I dont skate so couldnt comment how accurate it is on that level but I think the whole story is very good and i always feel quite inspired after watching it! Ruth xxx

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