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Looking for some people to work with/session with..NJ Area
By BReaLz Comments: 29, member since Mon Jan 28, 2008
On Wed Aug 06, 2008 09:37 AM

Summer is coming to a close before we know it and I am looking for some people to start something official. I train with a few friends here and there, but some are getting too busy, and others are takin off for college. I mainly Lock, pop, and I am continuing B-boy training. I have a few people to still meet up but I am looking for some good, down to earth, humble dancers who are looking to get serious with work! I want to keep sessioning and build a strong core as a group and as individuals.

Currently, I teach throughout the week and I want to set aside some time to build on the foundations. I am going to make this a big year for myself to get back out there and perform. So anyone looking to work together or in a group and want to get out there and perform..let me know asap! I have remnants of a crew that want to build further. We're all friendly and want to work as a healthy, team effort.

So all committed, humble, good hard working NJ Hip Hop dancers..let me know that youre out there! Give me some contact info so we can get moving!