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Let's share about dance studios :)
By isudnce05
On Sun Sep 07, 2008 06:16 PM

I am a professional dancer and educator in Chicago, IL, and was wondering how similar your dance studio structure was to studios here in America. What are your most popular forms of dance? Ages of kids? Do you do performances? Competitions?

I am going to start this convo on other local boards - I hope that this will be a fun way to read and learn the different ways we are spreading dance throughout the world

Happy posting!

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re: Let's share about dance studios :)
By RosePremium member
On Tue Oct 14, 2008 05:21 AM
Edited by bayadere93 (172256) on 2008-10-14 05:24:12
I'm a DDN member since 2006 if I remember well, and from the beginning I was amazed by the things I read about the American studios. Things are so different than here in Holland. Just to mention a couple.

*Amateurstudios are mostly called 'school' and sometimes 'studio'. Vocational schools are called 'academy'.

*Most amateurs take one class a week. If they do more classes a week, it is in different dancestyles. An amateur taking 2 balletclasses a week is hard to find (but they are there!).

*Most amateurstudios hardly work with an official syllabus. No matter what age or level, teachers 'just teach something'. A lot of teachers make one class, teach that to all levels for a couple of weeks, only adjusting a little to make it easier or harder when needed.

*There are only competitions for linedancing and streetdance (I'm skipping the ballroom here as I don't consider that as a balletstudio thing).

*Most popular here is streetdance (for kids usually called clipdance or showdance). Modern is promoted a lot by the academies, but amateurs are not that enthousiastic about it. Ballet and jazz are 'dying', it seems like only children and -older- ladies are still doing this. Tap is hard to find.

*Most amateurstudios do performances. The 'better' studios prefer to do it every other year, to get one year for working on technic. Their recital themes are like a fairy tale or neutral like a colour.
The 'dolly dinkle' studios prefer to do it every year, to keep their students happy. Their recital themes have to do with Disney and films.

*Students don't buy their costumes. Most costumes are made by mothers, or bought in normal clothing shops.
Some studios ask for 5 or 10 euro as a contribution to the costume costs. Most studios include it in their fee.

*It is hard to get students in the right uniform, their hair in a bun or even in a ponytail. Parents hardly support discipline, structure or rules. Children should be free and let free. Teachers choosing for rules have to discuss them every week again.

*Dance is a hobby, so no matter the level of the student, it should be placed in the same group as her friend or even higher (according to parents, because they hate crying children at home).

*Dance is a hobby, so it should be cheap. Why does she need dancesneakers as she already has outdoor gymshoes? Why buying a leotard as she already has a t-shirt? But on the other hand, a lot of money is spend on vests, legwarmers, balletbags, balletskirts, .......

*For ballet you go to a vocational school when you are 10, maybe 11 or 12. There are 2 such schools in Holland.

*For the other dancestyles you can become a professional dancer, or for a teacher in all styles, by going to a vocational school after high school graduation. There are some (un)official programs to do during elementary school and high school to pass the auditions.

*You don't need a diploma to teach or dance professional here.

*Besides the privat studios, there are local organisations getting money from the government who teach dance (and music, drama, crafts). Their quality is not better than from the privat studios as the organisations are usually to big, teachers are hardly staying, and nobody really cares about the students.
But because their prices are extremely lower than from the privat studios, they are a pain in the ass :( .

*O, and I do use a syllabus, work with levels, discipline and all, but parents and students keep saying that I shouldn't keep doing all that trouble.


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