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re: Reasons to 3/4 those shanks.
By Swarley Comments: 3, member since Sun Oct 20, 2013
On Fri Nov 15, 2013 10:24 PM
I'm kind of confused about how you do this to Russian Pointes without destroying the rest of the shoe? My teacher did it about a year ago but the outer sole of the shoe ended up becoming disconnected since everything is sewn together, though I was able to Jet Glue it back on for a little while.
re: Reasons to 3/4 those shanks.
By charmingdancer Comments: 32, member since Sat Dec 21, 2013
On Sun Dec 22, 2013 11:28 PM
To Swarley, there should be a little nail keeping the shank to the outer sole of the shoe. When you remove that nail (I use the backside of a hammer to remove the nail) to cut your shank, keep it to the side, so afterwards, you can hammer it back in to keep the remaining bottom of the shoe intact.The nail may be a little long and poking out the bottom of the shoe but that can be easily solved by using wire cutters and sandpaper. You don't want that edge to stay peeking out of the bottom because it could easily scratch you, or the dance floor. At least, I think this little nail is your problem, as it wasn't mentioned in the tutorial of the original post? I only just found out how to do it a short while ago but my shoes have held up well so far. Hope this helps! :)
re: Reasons to 3/4 those shanks.
By PointeStudent Comments: 61, member since Fri Jan 04, 2013
On Thu Apr 24, 2014 06:39 PM
I recently started 3/4 shanking all my pointe shoes. I did it to my mirella advanced and they looked amazing on me even more and it was easier for me to get over kind of, and I could dance to my full potential (quote teacher) Now I went back to Suffolk spotlights :D I heard they were already 3/4 shanked but either way I still cut them. The weird thing is that there's a little bump on the sole when you go en pointe.
re: Reasons to 3/4 those shanks.
By nic007 Comments: 4, member since Thu Sep 11, 2014
On Mon Sep 29, 2014 03:36 AM
i have just 3/4ed my old bloch heritage shoes, it worked wonders and was wondering if i could do the same to my new bloch sylphides and can you 3/4 any pointe shoe or are there one that you can't.
re: Reasons to 3/4 those shanks.
By attitudegurl Comments: 151, member since Sat Oct 01, 2011
On Mon Sep 29, 2014 09:30 PM
I to cut my shanks. However, I have recently started wearing Russian Pointes and they are all stitched together, like you wrote. I find I had to undo the stitching, peel back the layers to get to the shank to cut it. Above, you mentioned scoring the shank. Can you please elaborate on that technique? Does it involve me still disassembling the shoe almost? Thank you so much.
re: Reasons to 3/4 those shanks.
By CJ22 Comments: 2, member since Fri Mar 03, 2017
On Fri Mar 03, 2017 01:41 PM
An alternative to cutting down the shank to 3/4 is simply to remove the heel tack (that is the last nail connecting the shank to the outer sole). You get flexibility but still feel you have the support of a full insole.
re: Reasons to 3/4 those shanks.
By Siberrian_Swan Comments: 4, member since Sun May 21, 2017
On Sun May 21, 2017 03:37 PM
Siberian Swan - uniquely made shoe.
No need to break it in, no need to cut the shank, it is ready out of box
Active Arch Support patented technology, beautifully made to break high just below the heel which supports the foot and prevents sinking into box. It also takes the pressure away from you toes.
The shank is made of plastic which lasts longer. Impressively padded throughout the sole giving the dancer tremendous comfort. It's a matte finish almost stretchy fabric that reduces slipping
Russian made and v cut style for a beautiful line through the foot. Nice flat platform for stability. . . .
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