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Pliť in first, jump in attitude and down in a pliť and then wripple turn together.
By Mlillith Comments: 15, member since Fri Jul 28, 2006
On Thu Sep 18, 2008 12:18 PM

I can't make this correct. So thing is, we're preparing choreography for a disney themed performance. We'll be in the opening number and all, so I feel a certain pressure on my technique for this competition. So my problem is. I do a high chassé forward starting on my right foot. I then should land in turn out (first position) and kick off to jump SIDEWAYS while sending my feet into an attitude position, land crossed over in a plié and then wripple turn and start over again on chassé. What I am wondering is - HOW do I get that jump in attitude right? I am not used to jumping into attitude from a turn out. I have done other jumps, but not that one sideways. Any help? I really want to master this one!

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