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Photoshoot for my friend :)
By SOADftwmember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Sat Sep 27, 2008 01:49 AM

My friend is going to school to be a film major, and she likes using me as a guinea pig to try out costumes and makeup and whatnot, and after she has her fun we go out and take pictures since she really loves photography as well.

You can say whatever you want, but it would be nice to get some artistic critique - what could make the picture better, what I could do to take better pictures for her, etc. I edited them all as well, so if you have any editing critiques I would love to hear them!

1. This was from when we made a music video to Bjork's "Pagan Poetry." It was amazingly fun and she did a great job with hair and makeup.
2. This is also from the music video - this is the original picture.
3. This is the edited version.
4. I know the background is really lame, but she was taking a photo of my makeup.
5. From when we got crazy with scarves.
6. This isn't anything we did together, just something I did one day when I was bored. I had just got my hair dyed red and I was really excited so I tossed it about in front of the camera. I'm sticking it in here just for fun.
7. Another one I did just for fun. This is my favorite picture of me ever. Not to sound all pompous, but I really love it.

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re: Photoshoot for my friend :)
By Chaconnemember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Sun Sep 28, 2008 07:45 PM
We for one I think you look far better here than in the "Yearbook" thing. I should try to find a photo of my wife (she graduated from high school in 1961) and see if the photo of her at high school age actually looks anything like her.

Your friend has done this to you before, and I suspect that the goal her is to have some fun, moreso than seriously trying for any modeling jobs (I would think that might be a bit tough in North Dakota where I believe you go to school.)

Photo #1 It had to be fun just to try doing this. I would imagine it takes more work to look that frazzled than to do your hair in a normal way.

Photo #2 I love this one. It's the girl from Lake Wobegon, the princess of Lake Wobegon High School that screams "Praire Girl." My only quibble is the blue on your face from the umbrella. It would have been nice if your photographer could have made the umbrella translucent as it is, but done some fill flash in your face to make it nearer its real color. I suspect in real life you are not a Smurfette.

Photo #3 A very surrealist shot. It makes you look very other worldly. E.T. Phone Home.

Photo #4 This is SO bad it really is rather good in a very stange way. The photographer has violated almost every rule in the book about background clutter and yet I know that was no accident. I don't know if the term is used any more but when I was studying photography it was called "Camp." Were this photo entered in a serious photo contest (for photographers) I would either be thrown out in the very first round; or, it would win the grand prize...there is no in-between. I would opt for the grand prize.

Photo #5 A rather daring yet effective composition and the compositional element of color starting with your hair are very effective.

I'll lump 6 and 7 together. Vogue and Harpers Bazaar used to do things like this in the 80's when I took a college fashion photography course. Because they are always selling something in those photos they would take a set up like these and put some million dollar jewelery from Tiffany's or Harry Winston.

When you "Go Red" to the degree you have, you have to flaunt it.
I actually like you better with the red than with the coal black hair but I've had this thing about redheads ever since this cute cellist with red hair (strawberry actually) sat opposite me in the University Symphony. Nymagirl (who also posts here) knows about this red hair thing of does my wife, who before she was grey, was light mouse brown.

I hope you will post some more. Isn't this an old friend from your home area?

re: Photoshoot for my friend :)
By SOADftwmember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Sun Sep 28, 2008 08:24 PM
Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment!

With the yearbook thing, that was pretty much the only picture I could find where I was looking directly into the camera :) That would be interesting to scope out your wife's yearbook to compare!

Yeah, the goal here is just to have fun and give her some practice in case she one day does deal with people who model for a living. And yes, we've been friends for about six years now, we went to high school together.

I'm too short to be a model (just 5'6'') although I do sometimes wish I was a few inches taller so I could give it a shot...

#1. Yes, it took about half an hour and lots of hair spray to get that look - since it was for Bjork we tried doing something out of the ordinary since most of her photos and videos are very abstract.

#2. Thanks for pointing that out - I didn't really notice the blue on my face although now that you said it, it's rather obvious! That day we were in the middle of a field and it was quite bright, we only had the camera and the sun to work with. By the way, Garrison Keillor used to live in my neighborhood, and his son lives right next to my grandma.

Thanks for the comment about my hair - I am actually quite happy with red as well. I just did black on a whim and had to keep it up since it doesn't come out without a lot of work. I haven't been able to get it so vibrantly red since it was done professionally, so now it's more of a dull red/blonde/brown, more towards my natural color. But it was really fun flaunting it and tossing it around while it was still firey. ;)

Thanks again for your reply!
re: Photoshoot for my friend :)
By balletbabe4eva
On Fri Oct 03, 2008 05:31 PM
:O you have gorgous skin ! REALLY


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