Blue Layout
By Samantha_Tan
On 10/11/2008 11:06:26
Hi all at DDN, It's been some time since my last post, just thought I'd share this one taken by my genius friend Simon Richardson, and dress courtesy of jazz queen Dollie Henry :) Hope you like! xx Sam @
re: Blue Layout
By irishgirl26
On 10/11/2008 18:27:45
Wow, what a great picture!! You look fantastic! I love how your face is so calm--you would never guess how high your leg is.
re: Blue Layout
By TobyInWonderland
On 10/13/2008 20:46:29
and yet another beautiful photo of you. Im very impressed. :)
re: Blue Layout
By NickfromDvalda
On 10/20/2008 13:57:13
Wow... You look so calm, it really betrays your leg. The dress looks really cool in the picture. Overall, really awesome.
re: Blue Layout
By princess_paige
On 11/17/2008 10:19:57
re: Blue Layout
By truworshiper
On 12/03/2008 21:02:08
do you have more pics? These are beautiful. You inspire me:-)
re: Blue Layout
By AleaRouse
On 12/22/2008 22:27:25
Wow that is an awesome layout and your face looks so relaxed. Most in action pictures everyone looks so tense and red in the face. That costume is very pretty aswell.
re: Blue Layout
By volant
On 01/04/2009 20:17:47
Amazing! I love your dress. It looks as if you are floating, if I were in bent back that far I'd most definitely land on my rear!
re: Blue Layout
By IsabeleB
On 01/05/2009 06:17:21
That's a beautiful picture! I love the dress!
re: Blue Layout
By danceaholic_xoxo
On 02/07/2009 20:31:50
Absolutely beautiful! You have amazing technique!
re: Blue Layout
By Monicadawnluise
On 02/11/2009 10:37:57
This picture is SO gorgeous. You make it look so effortless and natural! Absolutely Beautiful.
re: Blue Layout
By futureprima234
On 02/12/2009 23:48:00
hey this is really pretty i love the costume and you have a pretty body for dancing...i always thought asian people looked beaufitul doing ballet and modern and stuff like that
re: Blue Layout
By dancerbrogan
On 02/18/2009 06:02:49
O.M.G this picture is great and the blue dress is so pretty please put lots more pictures of you on D.D.N love it meg and brogan x x x x x x
re: Blue Layout
By ballet_babe_1
On 03/28/2009 19:39:44
Wow! That is sooo gorgeous :)
re: Blue Layout
By EPCdancer
On 05/13/2009 09:28:21
only one word...Stuninng! that is a goregus photo! zoe ! xxxx

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