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Flamenco Syllabus?
By VeganDancer Comments: 199, member since Sat Feb 23, 2008
On Thu Oct 23, 2008 10:25 PM
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I'm teaching flamenco to my students and would feel more comfortable having a syllabus like the ones I've purchased for ballet, tap, jazz (Al Gilbert, LeapNLearn, etc.) However, I have not found a syllabus for flamenco dancing.

Does anyone know of a flamenco syllabus for purchase or has a teacher that used (their own) syllabus? Do flamenco teacher's normally use a syllabus to teach flamenco or not?

**My flamenco teacher apparently did not use a syllabus, but teaching without a syllabus doesn't really work for me!**

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re: Flamenco Syllabus?
By nevroth Comments: 1238, member since Fri Nov 21, 2003
On Fri Oct 31, 2008 12:37 PM
I don't know of any syllabus myself, but glitterfairy goes to a school where they have different levels and you actually have to take a test to go on - try PMing her. I'm sure in Spain there's different syllabi, but they're hard core so you have to have like just a year of learning palmas, and just a year of learning technique before you can put it all together. Unlike (at least in my Los Angeles, CA area) the teachers might drill a bit, but it's mostly choreography. Unless you take a specific Escuela Bolera class, but that's another thing all together, lol.

*hearts escuela bolera*