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Themes and ideas for solo?
By dandan123
On Tue Nov 18, 2008 04:30 AM

For my gcse dance choreography im doing a solo and i want it to be quite slow and ballet/lyrical, but i have to have a theme and im stuck for ideas. I want something quite emotional but any ideas would be really helpful.

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re: Themes and ideas for solo?
By Ballet_Baibemember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Tue Nov 18, 2008 08:59 AM
Hiya, I did GCSE dance too. I didn't enjoy it much though because I didn't get on with my teacher but anyway...

My teachers impressed upon us how important it was to have a really strong staring point otherwise when you come to write your programme notes you'll have nothing to write about.

A lot of the class used paintings because you can use the shapes in the painting and make them with your body so you are recreating the picture with your body it makes the writing bit nice and easy. One of my friends did Dali's melting clocks . . .

I did a poem, I wanted to do one about polution but aparently it was too wide so I used one called oil slick. I picked out words from the poem and created the dance around those words. We were dancing as though stuck in oil.

The music is also very important, it's got to work with the theme and it's got to inspire you or your going to get stuck with choreographers block.
- I wouldn't use the music as your starting point. before we started our choreography to get ideas we were shown some of the dances from previous years along with their program notes and there were a few which had used the sea as their stimulus and they were just really wishy washy (excuse the pun) and their programme notes got low marks coz how many times can your write well I ran forward and then back like a wave. And there was one which was just a really long account of why this one girl liked the song little suzy with nothing about the dance.

I suggest you choose something your passionate about, I went for the oil slick poem because I was having a bit of an eco warrior phase, my friend who did the melting clocks was into psycology so she was intrested in what the picture portrayed.

Ooo someone in my class did a really cool dance it was a bit different she was using a painting by Jackson Pollock ( . . .) rather than recreating the painting she did the dance about how the painting was created you see he flicks and splatters paint over the page so she had her dancers being paint dropplets splattering on the page.

Anyway I hope I haven't rambled too much and I hope this helps if you ever need any help give me a PM it's been a few years since I took my GCSE but I remember it pretty well.

Good luck

re: Themes and ideas for solo?
By AdamTanz
On Mon Dec 01, 2008 08:31 PM
Think about something that you are passionate about, perhaps, what you want the world to look like, current events, etc. Hop this helps.


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