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Summer trainee program
By Canguest
On Mon Dec 01, 2008 06:09 PM

The ASPIRE intensive is for dancers auditioning for the trainee programme or apprentice positions with Ballet de Printemps.
DATES: August 3-22, 2009 Vancouver, Canada.

Aspire concludes with a performance of repertoire (August 22) with select dancers invited to become trainees or awarded apprentice contracts with the company during their Fall Tour 2009 (September-December).

To audition via DVD no later than March 1, 2009:

1. 10 minutes length including class work, and pointe
2. current CV or resume of training

Age 16+ for students that have reached an advanced level or have a minimum of 6 years training. Dancers applying for trainee positions/apprentice contracts ages 18+.

*Professional dancers of a soloist level only please visit the company site at for auditions for the Winter tour 2009 please forward current C.V. to the company via email

ASPIRE 2009:
- Morning classes are followed by the rehearsals of classical repertoire and new ballets created on the dancers with a focus on performance and artistic quality.
- Participants are both students transitioning to professional levels and professionals working together in a summer company setting.
- The Aspire Intensive as an audition for the trainee programme and also company trainees/apprentices (2009).
- Limited number of dancers are accepted/invited to ensure individual attention and a high level or quality.
- 2 Scholarships available 2009
- Certain trainees or apprentices may have the option of staying after the tour through spring to train for and participate in international ballet competitions.

Ballet de Printemps:
Aspire information: . . .
Canadian and U.S.A. audition locations TBA.


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