Popping ....legs?
By killer_queen
On 12/12/2008 08:10:19
Hi. I have just recently started up popping, (on my own accord) and am wondering about hitting with the legs. I can hit with my arms/upper body, neck etc. But when I try to hit with my legs I just tense up and it feels weird. When I hit with my legs should they bend or should they straighten? Because they seem to be be bending whenever I tense up my muscles and I have a feeling thats not right...Thanks.
re: Popping ....legs?
By popergerm
On 12/19/2008 18:06:41
practice moving your joints in synch it will come from that point if you can move two limbs at the same time or try using your waist in it as you arm pop. signed Jeremy poppergerm

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