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Success Stories
By emmaleex99 Comments: 681, member since Mon Jun 09, 2008
On Thu Dec 18, 2008 09:04 PM

I started ballet this year and after 4 months of scrambling around, I found myself a good studio with good classes and lots of room to grow.

I got there right before Nutcracker season and my teacher said that I should wait until afterwards to see about joining standard-level (non-beginning-adult) classes. It would leave her more time to see where she thought I was in skill, etc. and I would avoid awkwardly standing around while they rehearsed choreography I wasn't part of.

Well, now that we're on winter break until January, I asked again about the additional classes, and she introduced me to the other ballet teacher, who teaches almost all of the standard-level classes and all of the pointe classes. She said something like "this is Emily, she's the new girl I told you about, she's really dedicated", etc. and the other teacher cleared me for advanced beginning ballet (adult still, but more for dedicated students), ballet 3 (standard level) and ballet 4 ...PRE-POINTE!


I'm soooo excited! I hope that maaayyybe if I work my butt off I can start this summer or next fall. It looks like I'm on my way!