Remembering Sergei Grinkov
By maureensiobhan
On 12/30/2008 10:40:05
Hi. I can't believe that it's been thirteen years now since Sergei Grinkov died of a massive heart attack. It's still so hard to believe that such a big, strapping, healthy young guy could possibly have had anything wrong with his heart. I still wonder if any of the doctors he saw about his back and the numbness in his left foot might have had it in the backs of their minds, "I know from my training and experience treating patients that these symptoms are heart-related.". I wonder if he might have had it in the back of his own mind, since Katia wrote in her book "My Sergei-A Love Story" that his father had had four heart attacks. It was no wonder, then, that his symptoms were never persued more agressively. She wrote that when the doctors gave her the findings of the autopsy, how could she not have suspected that his symptoms were warnings of some impending heart trouble. As I said, though, no one had any reason to suspect that he could have any problems with his heart. After he had his heart attack, she went to the doctor who admininstered a stress test on both herself and Sergei just before the Lillehammer olympics. He told her that there was absolutely nothing on the results of the tests that indicated any heart problems, other than the heart was slightly enlarged. He told her that an enlarged heart is common among athletes. I wonder, though, if that could possibly have been a warning sign of some impending heart trouble. On the news show "Dateline", Jane Pauley spoke with one of the doctors who did the autopsy. He said that three of the main coronary arteries were completely blocked, and that Sergei was clinically dead before he hit the ice. Sergei definitely went immediately, then, with no pain or suffering. In her book, she wrote that their second coach, Zhuk, showed up drunk at the funeral. I thought that was completely disrespectful to Sergei, Katia, their families, the priest Father Nickolai, and everyone else there that the coach was drunk at the funeral. There was no question that Katia and Sergei were the best of all of the pairs teams in figure skating. I really think that their love for each other showed when they skated, and was what got them the high marks for artistic impression in the competitions. He set her down as light as a feather, too, from the lifts. It's sad that their daughter, Daria, will never really know him, since she was only a baby when he died. She had only just turned three. It's hard to believe she's sixteen years old now. She will know that Sergei Mikhailovich Grinkov was her father, since of course, Katia will have shown her photos and home movies of him. No doubt, too, that Daria will have read Katia's two books, "My Sergei-A Love Story" and "A Letter For Daria" when she got old enough to read and understand a novel. I feel sure, too, that she will at some point, of course, have watched the video "My Sergei". It's kind of sad, though, that Daria will never get to talk with him personally. I've seen photos of her on Google. I have to say it, she's his female reflection.

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