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kiaras backcatch
By samantha123x Comments: 90, member since Thu Apr 10, 2008
On Thu Jan 01, 2009 01:14 PM
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This is kiara doing her backcatch
she is still struggling to catch it
sometimes she will get it and other times
she wont. any advice will be greatly
x x

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re: kiaras backcatch
By hamfistPremium member Comments: 5594, member since Fri Dec 24, 2004
On Thu Jan 01, 2009 04:02 PM
To get a successful back catch you need exercises to progress as follows:

1. Do standard splits getting hips properly square, and hold the splits in total comfort (without difficulty).

2. Do slight over splits of 6 ins or 15cm until you can and hold the oversplit easily.

3. In the oversplits do backbends with head brushing your rear thigh.

4. On the floor in a chest stand, do overhead splits, the same position as a back catch but not standing.

5. Then you are ready to stand and do the back catch.

6. But if your shoulders are not flexible enough to be able to grasp the raised leg at the knee then shoulder exercises will need to be done.

Ian (Trainer of contortionists)


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