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Learn Popping Online with Invent!!!
By Invent Comments: 1693, member since Wed Jan 14, 2004
On Sun Jan 11, 2009 03:03 PM

Hi, some of you may know me from (Inventfmc), some of you may know me from forums, and some of you may not know me at all. My name is Invent. I have been popping for over 6 years, and 3 years ago made some of the most successful popping tutorials on YouTube.

Now I am offering online classes for anyone that wants to learn basic popping and its finer points. In my classes I will be going over many popping styles (waving, robot, boogaloo, footwork, glides, tutting, centipede (aka isos), animation etc). I will also be going over the MANY techniques that make up popping and its different styles (hitting, angles, speed control, boogaloo rolls, different waving techniques, dimestopping, chest pops, level changes, building ideas and concepts).

Classes will be 2 hours each and the cost is only $10 (via PayPal). They will alternate between beginning and intermediate classes.

If you are interested in classes, information and updates please email me at

Peace and happy popping!