ISU Four Continents Results 2009
By Highlandliz
On 02/08/2009 19:56:02
An amazing show of talent this weekend. The results came out like this: Mens: Champion: Patrick Chan - 249.19 Canada 2nd: Evan Lysacek - 237.15 USA 3rd: Takahiko Kozuka - 221.76 Japan Nobunari Oda Japan Ladies: Champion: Kim Yu-Na - 189.07 Japan 2nd: Joannie Rochette - 183.91 Canada 3rd: Mao Asada - 176.52 Japan Caroline Zhang USA Pairs: Champion: Pang and Tong - 194.94 China 2nd: Dube and Davison - 185.62 Canada 3rd: Zhang and Zhang - 174.98 China Duhamel and Buntin Canada Dance: Champion: Davis and White - 192.39 USA 2nd: Virtue and Moir - 191.81 Canada 3rd: Samuelson and Bates - 180.79 USA Crone and Poirier Canada [i] This was one of the most intense competitive fields in a long time. It is interesting that the medalists have been narrowed down to 4 countries, Japan, Canada, China and USA. The anticipation for worlds is now growing, 6 weeks until the biggest competition of the year. For photos, newsreels, video clips, results, etc. please go to [/i]
re: ISU Four Continents Results 2009
By rr_lover
On 02/20/2009 18:54:01
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