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On Wed Feb 11, 2009 02:04 PM

Hi im 17 now I love dancing all i think about is dancing I started off in stage school I did loads a shows but then the stage school closed down.when I was four years old I didn't get accepted into stage school but there was a freestyle group in a hall next door they wore only starting up I loved it from day 1 I practiced real hard and was un 6 champs in no time when i was around 10 I started getting bullied by people in my own dance club and it realy stressed me out but I didn't leave so instead I went too a different club when I was 12 I loved it made new friends moved along real quick and was u/14 starter then u/14 inter & u/16 champ.
I moved clubs again too join back too my old one the bullys had left and i missed my friends but every things looking up & Iam dancing Adult Inter Need too loose One Life for champs...