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Dance number 1 I created
By agnessa
On Sun Dec 23, 2001 04:37 PM

Maceo & The Macks - Cross the Track

There is a very short intro. You do nothing during it

1. you put your hands together like praying and do a half circle starting from your right shoulder, then moving your hands to your left side and finally to the right hipbone. Add some hipmovement to make it look good

2. you do a sailor step starting with your right leg: step R behind L, step L little bit backwards, step fwd R

3. With your feet just as they we're left after sailor step, turn 1/4 to Left on your toes (L foot is fwd, R back). With your weight on L, lift L foot a little bit and let it fall back to the ground.

4. With the weight still on L, lift your R leg up as if you we're starting to walk, bend it from the knee. Step fwd with it. Quickly step fwd with L too. NB! You never actually change the weight to your R foot. It remains on the L, so when you step with R, you should be kind of out of balance.

5. Do an arm circle on shoulder level so that both arms move to R first and then back to L. Try to keep you arms together somehow. Add definately some hip and body movement, otherwise it'll be really boring.

6. Move your arms the same way to R as in 5., but end up with L arm straight fwd and R on side. With the weight on your R foot and L on side, do a pirouette on R to L.

7. With your hands on the back of your head and R leg on side, weight on left, slide your hands down + bend down from the L knee, kind of like fall down from the body + drag your R foot beside L. When your hands are fully down, move your R leg back to the side. The head moves like this: when your hands are on the back of your head, you look straight fwd, when your hands are sliding down, look down, when your hands are almost down, look straight fwd again

8. Switch to L leg on side, then back to R leg on side. Don't stand straight up while doing this. Keep your knees bent.

9. Step R beside L + stand up + place your L hand on your stomach, and R hand on your back. Fall R while stepping L over R and moving R arm to side. Look right while doing this.

10. Step L leg to side + pull your R arm back, kind of turn it from the shoulder and straigten it up to the side with the turned out shoulder, look down. The body is turned a little bit to L.

11. Do a large arm circle starting with R arm moving L and then up, followed by L arm. Finish in X position.

12-13. Slide your hands down again and do a slow and large hiproll during that.

14. Make a snap with your R fingers while moving your knees together-apart

15. The same thing with the left fingers

16. The same thing with the right fingers. Put your Right hand on the back of your head.

17. Do a sharp body contraction with the knee movement twice. Turn 180 degrees to L on your left leg and move the hands up, holding them together

18-19. Move your hands on your sides and look over your R shoulder in plie. Turn back to your original position

20-21. Do a free 180 degree (or 360+180 degree) clockwise turn on L foot.

22-(25, I think)do as many quick moving turns to R as you can

26. Side-together-side jump to R

27-28. With the arms on sides, kick R leg into air and fall down to the floor on it

29-30. turn on your bottom to R, end up in a position where your R leg is under your body and L leg is straight at back

31-32. Rise up sitting, with the R leg on the ground ready to push you up from the ground.

33-34. Keep your R arm on the floor, push your body up while trying to do a circle or something with the R leg. Turn R while doing this.

You end standing up. Run away and this is the end of the part I.

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