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Dance number 2 I created
By agnessa
On Sun Dec 23, 2001 04:38 PM

Morcheeba - Trigger Hippie

Morcheeba - Trigger Hippie

If possible, use the Glider Sitar Remix, but suits the original too

1. Lay down still, and slowly get up - 16 counts until the 1st explosion

2. When sort of explosion sound, strike a pose

3. Step R ov L + arms R, Step L ov R + arms L - 2 counts

4. Shuffle side-together-side step to R - 2 counts

5. Do a double moving turn to L with L leg leading.

Right after the spins swing L leg to L and swing r leg to R - 4 counts

6. Sailor step with R starting=R behind L, L back, R beside L - 2 counts

7. Kick L leg diagonally fwd and back. Add opposite stretched out arms too - R, then L fwd

8. R leg stretched to R, L in plie, L arm on side, R arm up, hands limp. Slowly up + arms down.

Verse 1 begins

1. [Tune in] - step R to R and pull L bes R, making a 180 turn to R

2. [Drop out] - facing L, step fwd L, bend body down + L arm on ground, R arm up.

3. [Of love] - move body to R and switch arms - R down, L up. Stand up straight(facing R).

4. [Pull the] Kick-ball-change = R-L-R, end R leg fwd

5. [Trigger] - Shake your shoulders and bend backwards. Jerk head back and pull quickly down to squat

6. [I'm a] - 180 degree turn while squatting, keep your head down

7. [Hip-pie] - Look straight fwd - turn head R to rhe audience

8. [So said] - while still squatting, turn to the audience on your toes and stretch out R leg to the side

9. [A truth] - keep very down and move onto R leg (end L leg outstretched). Pull L leg beside R

10. [In blood] - In squat, move legs apart + left hand on head and jerk head up, legs together+ head back to normal. And slowly pull yourself tightly together into squat

11. [Alive and well] - jump up into air and as left as possible + L arm up, R arm side, R leg on side. As you land do a sailorstep starting with right. Prepare for a pirouette on R foot.

12. [You push] Pirouette on R

13. [The buttons] - three quick shuffling steps fwd - R-L-R moving your hips and shoulders while walking.

So to say, verse 2 begins

1. [Standing in] - swing hips R-L and hands L-R, when swinging R, hands make circle, legs shuffle R

2. [Line] - R arm up, L to side, L foot beside R knee, stand on R toes

3. [Of fire] Place L foot back on ground, start an arm circle R to R followed by L to R, L leg in plie, R diagonally stretched back

4. [For the whole] - step R to R and do a sideway body snake to R

5. [My soul] - duck down head leading and roll back up

6. [Step Codes]

7. [The drums]

8. [And sing]

It's still not finished yet. Can you believe it, I've forgotten parts of it!!!

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re: Dance number 2 I created
By hiphop_gal
On Wed Mar 06, 2002 01:41 PM
It sounds really cool!

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