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Dance number 3 I created
By agnessa
On Sun Dec 23, 2001 04:42 PM

Showdance #1

1-2 Step-drag R to R

3-4 180 degree turn and Step-drag L to L

5-6 Step-drag R to R

7-8 180 degree turn and Step-drag L to L

1-2 Chachacha to R

3-4 180 degree turn and chachacha to L

5-6 Mambostep w/ R (step R fwd, weigh onto R, weigh onto L, step R next to L)


7-8 Mambostep w/ L

1-2 Chachacha fwd starting w/ R

3 45 degree turn when L steps to L w/ hipturn

4 R steps to R w/ hipturn

5-8 Jazz-square starting w/ L (L steps over R, R steps back, L steps back, R steps next to L)

1-2 Step-touch – L steps fwd and over R, R touches R, weigh goes onto R for a sec, and then back to L

3-4 Step-touch – R steps fwd and over L, L touches L, weigh goes onto L for a sec, and then back to R

5-8 Step-circle around yourself L-R-L and mambostep back w/ R

1-4 V-step w/ R – R steps diagonally fwd, L steps diagonally fwd, R steps diagonally back, L steps diagonally back next to R

5-6 360 degree turn w/ 2 steps

7-8 Quick to side step R, to side step L – arms go diagonally up, quickly bring legs together

1-2 Jump to R w/ L leg on the side, R arm up, L arm at side. Bring L foot to your knee

3-4 Mambostep w/ L diagonally fwd/R

5-6 180 degree turning chachacha to L ( transfers into chachacha fwd )

7-8 Mambostep fwd w/ R

1-2 Step back w/ R turning 45 degrees to R, step L next to R turning more, turn to the audience while R steps fwd

3-4 Step fwd L, lift R knee while arms go to sides

5-6 Step fwd R, bend L leg to back w/ the heel touching your butt and touch your toe w/ R hand, L arm being up

7-8 Mambostep fwd w/ L

1-2 Step L back, step R next to L, step L fwd

3-4 Step R to R, step L to L

5-6 Touch R diagonally behind L + arms go L, R steps back to R + arms go R

7-8 R arm crosses L arm so that the hands are over your hipbones. Arms go down, head goes up

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