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Absolute beginnerís Korean dance class EVERY SUNDAY In Manhattan.
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On Tue Mar 03, 2009 06:40 PM

Absolute Beginners Korean dance classes BEGINNING MARCH 1st

Absolute beginner’s Korean dance class EVERY SUNDAY In Manhattan.

MUST BE 18 and OVER.

Building traditional division of the dance company to include larger group pieces for outdoor festivals and other community events.

We are having absolute beginner dance classes to introduce Korean dance to those who have an interest in Korean culture.

Students will learn the basic dance vocabulary of Korean Folk dance and Students who attend classes regularly will learn specific Korean dances / choreographies.
Students who master the choreographies will be invited to perform in various outdoor and community based festivals.

Who - Anyone with an interest in Learning about Korean Culture through dance.
Men and women of all dance levels, ages, nationalities

Where - 162 Madison Avenue, Floor 5, New York, New York

When- Every Sunday beginning March 1, 2009 10am ¬Ė 11:30am

Cost - $20 per class

Korean Traditional Dance consists of court dances, religious dances, and a variety of folk dances. While the highly stylized court dances displayed important dimensions of discipline, grandeur, and elegance to create "aestheticism of the inner spirit," folk dances, especially mask dances, showed spontaneity, humor, freedom and satire. The dancers use more of their shoulders, arms, hands and heels with very little leg movement. The most distinguishing features that pervade many forms of Korean dance are the creation of a feeling of suspension, particularly of using the feet, the feeling of heaviness and curvilinear shapes as well as an ongoing quality of energy.