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How much do Dance Team coaches earn?
By MissBee
On Sun Mar 15, 2009 04:22 PM

I just applied for a job as head coach for a small private school's Varsity Dance Team in a suburb of a major US city. I have no idea yet of how many days a week the team will practice, or for how many weeks a year, etc. The posting didn't offer any guidelines as to pay (hourly v. salaried), so I'm wondering what would be a reasonable amount to ask for in my interview?

I've not had any experience coaching a high school team before, but I've taught and coached competition teams at private dance studios for about five years, and my bachelor's degree is in dance. I currently get $25/hour for teaching at my studio. Any suggestions would be really helpful!


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re: How much do Dance Team coaches earn?
By CoachT
On Sun Mar 15, 2009 06:20 PM
In my experience if you are a school coach you will get a stipend pay...The school pays XX price - and it doesn't matter what the length of the time you are coaching - same amount of money.

For me I made up my own schedules - (depending on space availability) and it didn't matter if I did 10hrs a week for the season or 2 hrs a week....same amount of stipend.

The big sports coaches got more money – not sure how they decided this – but I do know that some schools base the pay for the position on the type of sport it is…and the draw to that sport.
re: How much do Dance Team coaches earn?
By AllStar7779
On Fri Mar 20, 2009 02:18 AM
I coached dance part-time at a large private school for about 3 years... and the amount of money I made was laughable. The other coaches made MUCH more. They paid hourly, but I was only allowed a certain number of hours each year (so basically I was given a set amount of money, just divided into hourly payments). Their set amount was somewhere around $5,000. It also depends on if the school has a dance class during the day (you would get paid extra for that), or if you would just be having after school practices. I also know that public schools pay their dance team coaches a lot more than private schools do.
re: How much do Dance Team coaches earn?
By Dancincrazy555
On Fri Mar 20, 2009 08:27 AM
I coached a high school dance team a few years ago. The pay was stipend and it was a joke. With the amount of time I put in with all the practices, fundraisers, camps, and competitions it come out to be I seriously only making pennies a day. Needless to say I quit and opened up a studio.

But don't let this discourage you, everywhere is different. I live in a small town and the school I was coaching at didn't really want a dance team so they didn't put hardly any money in it and it dissolved the year after I quit. But coaching was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done and though it got stressful it was A LOT of fun!

Good Luck!

re: How much do Dance Team coaches earn?
By Tap_Dance_Kid
On Fri Mar 20, 2009 04:26 PM
I agree....the pay to coach a HS dance team is insulting to say the least. I was paid $1100 per season (football/basketball). The drama is high, commitment is questionable and time restraints high.

It is however a GREAT stepping stone and a good way to get your feet wet!
re: How much do Dance Team coaches earn?
By i_am_me
On Fri Mar 20, 2009 08:28 PM
I coached a high school dance team in the late 1980's. I was paid $900 for the whole season and I ran their try-outs, rehearsed them daily, went to every Friday night game and took them to summer camp. Pennies for my hours.
re: How much do Dance Team coaches earn?
By pinktights27
On Fri Mar 20, 2009 11:39 PM
I agree with the other posters. The time and energy needed to commit to a high school team are not generally paid well. I'm in my second season coaching a dance team at a small, private high school. This is their 3rd or 4th year in existence, and before they just had a couple moms with no dance experience or knowledge that would run the program. The past 2 years I've gotten around $500 to run the program each year. This is 2 practices a week, 1-2 games a week, one tournament, a competition, and I manage all the team business (recruiting, fundraisers, budget, auditions, etc). Literally pennies on the hour. I always have to tell myself that I don't do it for the money, I do it for my girls and because I love the art and sport of dance (I have a regular, full time job as well). But nonetheless, it's easy to get frustrated sometimes with how much work I do for how little money.
re: How much do Dance Team coaches earn?
By SophieByrne
On Wed May 13, 2020 12:56 AM
Edited by SophieByrne (344932) on 2020-05-13 00:59:41
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re: How much do Dance Team coaches earn?
By goharsaab
On Thu Jun 18, 2020 06:11 AM
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re: How much do Dance Team coaches earn?
By Zacoffman
On Tue Sep 08, 2020 01:05 AM
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