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(dance) In Life and Death and Your Last Breathe...
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On Mon Mar 16, 2009 06:29 PM

in death its as if you fall
and in life its as if you rise

you rise and fall all the time

dancing is a metaphor of life and death

your arms pulling up from your body
just as a growing bud pulls up from the ground

a rose that slowly blooms
like a dancer that slowly unfolds

it seems to smile under the sun
it hides away under the dark sky
much like our lives until
we die

your soul flys and soars
with life
but your dancing slows
as you grow
slowly dying
passing away

your chest heaves
with heavy breathing
your lungs tingle with air
exhale -
is it your last breathe?
you never know

you dance
catching everyones breathe
you inhale
their exhale
giving you just a little more time
to live

but then blood red roses
turn burnt black
like the blood in your veins
as you take your last breathe

the petals fall away
leaving with you
only a memory
of its existence
its sweet scent
its rich color
its beautiful form
only what you remember
is what it leaves behind
only what you decipher
only what you pass on
keeps it living
long after its gone
long after its last breathe

I used dance as the metaphor for life and death,
and roses as a metaphor for dance, and interwined the 3

*make life worthwhile and make what you want to leave behind stand out or the memory will never leave a lasting impression*


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