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Not a Legacy to Leave (a mother lives to be a mother)
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On Tue Mar 24, 2009 05:20 AM

ever since
before I even understood
the meaning of family, of love
and of life
I knew I would be a mother

my dream has been stripped of me
the men in scrubs told me so

Im tired of playing mommy
Im tired of being teased

the blessed complain
with to many options layed before them

legal murders
with buy 3
get one free coupons

they bitch, they whine
they kill, they forget

so many blessings thrown away
wasted on undeserving, undesiring

a mother lives to be a mother
what does she do when her child never comes...
haunted by nursery rhymes

Ring Around the Rosie
Pocket Full of Posies
Ashes, Ashes
We All Fall Down

A bundle full of joy
with 10 perfect little fingers
and perfect little toes

a playful giggle
rings out from the swing set
but a scraped knee
causes a mother to fret

a few inches taller
and now likes boys
weve had "the talk"
and thrown out all the baby toys

soon enough she walks across the stage
to accept her plaque
and then sometime later
on her daddys arm
she ventures down the aisle
moving out and moving on
creating her own legacy, all along

turning dark
are the rosey red cheeks
and crystal clear eyes
in the moment of truth
leaves me mourning a life

that never was
and that never will be
a dream
a legacy
that will never leave
my ovaries

Ashes, Ashes
We All Fall Down


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