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chest popping... classic question.
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On Fri Mar 27, 2009 06:41 PM

when it hurts don't do it right? Well, in one of my competition peices this year we do a lot of pop and lock type stuff and every time I pop my chest I feel my back crack! AHHHH! i'm 14, my back aint supposed to do that?! what can I do, other than not do it so hard (not an option lol)

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re: chest popping... classic question.
By HDCNYPremium member Comments: 80, member since Thu Apr 28, 2005
On Mon Apr 06, 2009 08:15 PM
In order to to a chest pop properly you need to be isolating your pectorals. If your back is hurting, it's because you're doing chest "expansions" bending your back while thrusting your chest forward. This is not a real chest pop, it merely mimics the strength without retaining the purity of the movement.

To strengthen your chest pop:

1. isolate the pectoral muscles (engage the muscles in your chest)
2. breathe out as you engage the pectorals.
3. this will give the chest pop more power and accuracy once you do it for a length of time.

Popping is not a simple art. It's a part of the funkstyles that must be practiced continually in order to gain authenticity. Also, learn more about hat you're doing. There's no such thing as pop n lock. There's Popping and there's Locking. Each is it's own element and each takes years to truly master.

have fun!

Safi A. Thomas
Artistic Director
The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory