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Online dance videos, New Tango Syllabus page: please comment
By BrettLong Comments: 4, member since Fri Oct 14, 2005
On Thu Apr 09, 2009 08:06 AM
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Working on an American Ballroom Syllabus:

So far I have some dance demonstrations of the man's and Lady's parts. Some dance videos as a couple and some to music.

I'm trying different formats for the instructional videos to see what works.

Would a description of the pattern be helpful?

Would like some comments from Instructors/Students.

What is missing or needs changed to improve useability?

Would like to add a Word document with a lesson plan.
Maybe for Grade school instruction, High school, College.

Perhaps videos on how to teach, the dance positions, counting music.

ideas? . . .

Thanks for assisting with my online dance project.