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On Sun May 10, 2009 10:41 AM

I also have a supernatural experiance but too old to post.

My family and i went to england to vistit my grandmother. We were staying in a 200 year old hotel which was said to be haunted. I was sleeping and woke up as people usually do. But i saw 2 figures. One was standing over me and the other over my mother. But i was half a sleep and i thought - oh my grandma said she would come in the morning with her sister. So i thought it was them. But after thinking about it for a while- how would she get in our room, why could i only see their outline, and why would they come a 2 am??

So kinda creepy- what to the rest of ya'll think?

any other supernatural experiances?

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re: supernatural
By dncrgirl825member has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Sun May 10, 2009 02:03 PM
I just remembered another experiance- I was at the school where my mom works sitting at her desk on the computer in the classroom. My mom left to go get something from another classroom- it was around 6:30. I was sitting their talking to my friend- and in every classroom theres a door to the hall and to outside. From the door going outside i hear 2 footsteps in the snow and the the door is being pulled like it's trying to be opened but it's locked. I looked and there was no one there- and i didn't hear anything after that..

What do you guys think?? [creepy]
re: supernatural
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On Sun May 10, 2009 02:08 PM
Sometimes weird things like this happens. It happens to almost everyone at least once. I, myself have heard/seen/felt weird things before.

It was a couple days after my grandmother died, and I remember I was around 7ish at the time. I remember waking up to see what I thought was my "grandmother" standing there at the foot of my bed with a bright light above her. She was there to tell me goodbye, or at least thats what 'she' was indicating. But I dunno.
re: supernatural
By sat
On Mon May 11, 2009 08:11 AM
Edited by sat (208293) on 2009-05-11 08:18:07
Do I believe that the supernatural exists,probably yes.To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.Have I experienced the supernatural,no idea.But most things the world come in a couple package i.e. male and female,day and night,hot and cold,sadness and happiness,etc etc.

So have we seen god physically,No.But we still have an undying faith in him.The law of nature may suggest that along with the natural,the supernatral ought to exist.It is its presence that I don't deny but rather respect.

The forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest.I love watching horror flicks because they fascinate,thrill and scare me.But the overall experience of seeing a spine-chilling story is always different.It has been recommended to me not to watch horror stuff as it may impact my mind,therefore when I watch one alone at night in my room with all lights closed and the breeze blows through the curtain,at some point I consider switching the lights on or would be a touch skeptical of going to the kitchen to get a snack.Or after the movie,I may start imagining things and making visual formations in my mind,therefore I sleep with lights turned on.Was I scared because it was dark at night even when there was a disclaimer that the movie is fictious,or do I acknowledge the presence of spirits/souls caught in the middle of life and death without any form and/or identity.When I dont watch something horror,such thoughts don't cross my mind unless I was asked to walk at night in a graveyard or in a jungle/forest etc.Hell I would not be even comfortable looking at my own shadow that changes shape by the second.How about a prize money to watch a horror film alone in a theatre,the fear could creep in,but fear of what!

I have been told that more incidences,superstitions,myths and such beliefs exist in towns/villages as compared to urban/cities.People could associate various things to presence of supernatural and some omnious signs for example a dog howling continuosly at night,persence of an owl nearby,the bang echo of the watchmans stick,strange sounds,extreme quiteness and then sudden abrupt movement,whispers.Some people believe and others don't.

But the imagination and scope is there.That possibility coupled with the law of nature suggests that if there is good then there ought to be evil too,if there is god then there also ought to be evil,unless you encounter a friendly ghost.It is said that seeing is believing,otherwise it is either a faith/belief or myth/fantasy.In a nutshell,I thought that there are always two sides of a coin.
re: supernatural
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On Fri May 22, 2009 06:52 PM
Yeah it's true people have these kind of experiences all the time. But what is it really ? Are there really "ghosts" standing by your bed and visiting your dreams ?

What if we see what we wan't to see ? Obviously after losing a loved one you miss him and think about him more than usual which might trick your mind into thinking the person is right there beside you. I keep thinking maybe we are just experiencing a kind of hallucinations to calm us down and give us closure.

Just my two cents.
re: supernatural
By ShanniBaby149
On Wed Jun 17, 2009 04:30 PM
I've posted a few of my own supernatural (or what I believe to be supernatural, at least) experiences on this board before. However the most recent strange thing that happened me occured just last night..

I was staying at my boyfriends house, over the past few months he has heard strange things in his room; banging on the sides of his chest of drawers, he also thought he heard someone in his bath one night - things like that. The first time I stayed at his I did notice a few odd noises in the middle of the night.. Weird creaking noises, but not the usual like when the heating is turning off at night, it was different from that. He turned around and said "I told you there was something weird about this room".

His house doesn't have that eery haunted feeling though, it's just like a normal house. It's not cold, it doesn't make you feel ill the way those old, really haunted homes do. There is a strange story to his house though.

When he was younger he remembers seeing the ghost of a woman in his old house (not the one he lives in currently). The previous owners of this house were an elderly married couple, and the wife had spoke of seeing the same ghost in the same place as my boyfriend did many years before he and his family moved in to it. The elderly woman spoke of seeing this ghost to my boyfriends grandmother not so long ago, his grandmother recalled the story my boyfriend had told her about seeing this same ghost in their old house. What's strange is that my boyfriends current home was also owned by this same couple! A huge coincidence.

Anyway, the elderly man in the marriage died just before my boyfriend and his family moved in to their current home. He apparently died within the house, in the room that my boyfriend sleeps in. So if may be quite possible that his house (or at least his room) is indeed haunted or has some sort of paranormal energy within it.

So, getting back to last night. We went to bed at around 1.30am, it took me ages to fall asleep. It was a really warm night, and when I did fall asleep I kept waking up again. I was getting really frustrated, I thought it was maybe because I was too warm, or because my boyfriend kept kicking me or whatever lol. But each time I woke up there was nothing obvious that could have disturbed me from my sleep, it was strange.

One of the times i woke up however, was because I felt a strange tickling sensation on my hand. I immediately opened my eyes to see what it was, I felt very alert. I thought it might have been a spider or something, but no there was nothing there. It didn't feel like an itch, more as if something small and delicate had just stroked my hand, like a feather. By this stage I was wide awake, but i had only been awake for a few minutes when my boyfriend sat up saying "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" I asked him what was wrong. His response? "Did you touch my leg? I felt like something tickled my leg" - It was really strange. I was like "no way! I just got tickled too!", we were both really creeped out.

Maybe it was just coincidence, and maybe there is some sort of explanation for it, but it was really weird!

Can't wait to hear other peoples supernatural stories :)

re: supernatural
By kaotichouse
On Sun Jun 21, 2009 04:13 PM
I have a bit of a story to add. A few months after my grandfather passed away my parents and I took on the chore of cleaning out his house. I was in charge of the big room that I always used to sleep in when we would visit in happier days. I was cleaning in the far corner of the room and found a big old trunk. As my Mom was going through it we came across a silk lilac robe, I immediately fell in love with it and asked my Mom if I could keep it. She said sure seeing as it might belong to your Grandmother, she passed away when my Dad was only 21. I had never seen a picture of her in my life. So, anyway, we finish up and drive the 8 hours back home. When we get there I hung the robe in my closet and forgot about it. About a week later I have a dream about this woman coming into my room and handing me the robe saying that she is passing it on to me and that she is happy that I wanted to keep her robe. Well, when I woke up I told my Mom about the dream and she asked me to describe the woman, so I did. Her face got kind of weird and she grapped a picture out of her room and showed it to me and asked if I could pick anyone out of the crowd. In the picture was the woman in my dream, she was my grandmother...I had described her to a T. Talk about goosebumps!!! To this day (over 10 years later) the robe and the trunk that I found it in is with me. I have it in my living room holding all the things I hold dearest.
Sorry if that was a little long winded, I just wanted to share.
re: supernatural
By AlwaysOnStagePremium member
On Mon Jun 22, 2009 02:40 PM
I don't believe that supernatural exists. I am pretty much the same idea as 'sat' but I am a different person.

sat says "I believe in God and thus I believe that God created SUPER natural"

I say "I don't believe in a god, and thus I don't believe in a SUPERnatural. However, I do believe that there are natural occurrences that we don't understand and call supernatural. Another side of the same coin. I don't think that it is unexplainable, just that we cannot explain it yet, but i don't find it to be 'super' or above the natural in any way.

More specifically to your anecdote, I don't believe that the soul is separate from the biological nature of humans, so I don't think that there are ghosts or imprints left behind from them. They cycle back into the biological beginnings just like our bodies do.
re: supernatural
By sat
On Wed Jul 01, 2009 04:18 AM
Edited by sat (208293) on 2009-07-01 04:58:21
"I believe in God and thus I believe that God created SUPER natural"

No, I do not mean that at all.What I am saying is that if I assume that god has the overall and ultimate charge/control of this universe,then he ought to create souls in the first place,or else how could his vision of life take place!But god experimented and he gave us a form and identity.He gave us freedom.Perhaps he assumed too much.He placed the tasty forbidden fruit in front of adam and eve.He expected them not to eat it,but it is only human lust in terms of sky is the limit.How many people can resist temptations!Saturn on the other side was watching and lured eve to have the forbidden fruit and alas,to err is human but to forgive is not gods policy.Thats when things turned ugly.

If adam eve theory is to be believed,I reason that imagine I left my pet dog open in a garden with ordinary biscuits and a juicy meaty bone and expected
it not to eat the juicy bone,personally I think I am expecting way too much from my dog.But I am talking about how 'saturn' creeps in and tempts us to
be greedy in all aspects of life,something that god hadn't initially planned,and due to this 'opposite' force,things went haywire.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So if you don't believe in god, then it is 'fair enough' if you don't believe in supernatural.

Cracking the code of life is perhaps like cracking the vinci code.Even the most genious person with the highest IQ cannot.Medical science can explain pretty much every aspect of human body,but how and what about the souls that left their respective bodies and entered new ones,its unexplanable.

When you cannot comprehend something,what do you do.You give up,right.That's what people do.They go about their routine life which is their so called real meaning of life.Nature has done extremely well all these years to hide all its well-kept secrets from us,and I doubt whether they will ever be known.

Whether the universe is run by "god - the creator" or "the law of mother nature" is for another thread.

But I still believe that everything happens for a reason.Did man evolve and take form of a human body on his own by a sudden spontaneous reaction or was he carefully designed by someone more 'clever and smarter (intellectually speaking)',the creator who designed other forms of life,universe and everything in between,is a food for thought.

I respect the world of 'supernatural' because of the following.

It is because of the word souls or spirits.It is my belief that if we cannot ponder about the unknowns of life,we actually 'live' our life with certain desires,plans,goals with rough time frames.But guess what "man proposes,god disposes".When a person dies his natural death,his soul "rests in peace".There is no scope of supernatural here.

But what about an untimely death.That soul either has certain desires to be fulfilled or certain scores to be settled.Hence,it is 'trapped' between the never ending circle of life and death.

This is my 'personal inference' from my brainstorming. If there were no 'souls or spirits', then I would not 'respect' the supernatural.It is the 'soul or spirit' that is the distinction between 'living' and 'non-living' things.If there is no soul in us,we are as lifeless as the coffin.Period.
I 'respect' the super natural, but if I 'respect' it does not mean that I 'believe' in it,just like if I 'love' you does not mean that I 'like' you.

The latter is just a light joke to end a rather serious talk.
re: supernatural
By AlwaysOnStagePremium member
On Wed Jul 01, 2009 10:32 AM
I still think that we're two sides of the same coin.

Your math goes something like this:
There is a god. Thus there is a spiritual part of the body that is separate from the physical. From there, we can interfere that the workings and actions of that spiritual part of us is "supernatural".

I'm the same kind of logic, starting from a different place:
There is not a god. Thus, there is no spiritual detachment from the psychical body. Thus, there is no "supernatural" because everything is natural. I think supernatural is just an irrational (or rational, perhaps) way to describe it.

No, I do not mean that at all.What I am saying is that if I assume that god has the overall and ultimate charge/control of this universe,then he ought to create souls in the first place,or else how could his vision of life take place!

Maybe I didn't explain my thoughts fully, but this seems to be what I was saying...or what I was trying to say.
re: supernatural
By sat
On Wed Jul 01, 2009 11:08 AM
I still think that we're two sides of the same coin

thats great, would you like to be heads or tails!Just kidding.

You are right with how you interpret me.


you say "there is no god", no problem.

I said "No,I do not mean that at all.What I am saying is that if I assume that god has the overall and ultimate charge/control of this universe,then he ought to create "souls"in the first place,or else how could his vision of life take place!"

You replied "Maybe I didn't explain my thoughts fully, but this seems to be what I was saying...or what I was trying to say"

So then you would agree that there is a "soul" in every human being,irrespective of who created it (god or some one else).

You said "Thus, there is no spiritual detachment from the psychical body"

I may have missed the train here,but my simple logic is that those "souls" who left the body abruptly,suddenly etc due to tradegy etc could "possibly" translate into "supernatural" in order to fulfil their desires or settle scores.

You said "Thus, there is no "supernatural" because everything is natural",

I am saying that it would be natural as long as the soul departed from the body and "rested in peace (RIP) and got salvation".Highly unlikely for anything supernatural,unless the holy spirit just wanted to bless its closed ones (living).

But remember,this all is just a myth and personal belief at the end of the day.


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