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Washington DC area Locking Workshop 6/21/03
By Loren
On Sun Jun 08, 2003 05:44 PM
Edited by Loren (53567) on 2003-06-08 17:56:33

Joe's Movement Emporium
3802-3806 34th St.
Mt. Rainier, MD, U.S.A.

Workshop Date : June 21, 2003 5pm-7pm
For more info :

This workshop is offered to anyone in the VA/DC/MD area who wants learn more about the funk of Locking.

The first hour will be taught by Loren. She learned Popping and Locking fundamentals from Thomas "T-Bopper" Guzman-Sanchez and Paul "Cool Pockets" Guzman-Sanchez of Chain Reaction. The hour will consist of funk fundamentals with a fusion of Hatha Yoga and strength training.

The second hour will be taught by Esperonto. He was mentored by Fluky Luke and Re-Run of The Lockers. The hour will consist of basic Locking technique.

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re: Washington DC area Locking Workshop 6/21/03
By diana563
On Mon Jun 30, 2003 04:16 AM
is there any more comming, why dont u post it in the workshops link next time so more pips will see it
re: Washington DC area Locking Workshop 6/21/03
By Loren
On Mon Jun 30, 2003 06:30 AM
We do not have any more planned at this time, but I will definately post the info on this site when we do. I did put the workshop information on the "workshop board", but only got one reply there. Thanks for your interest and Ill let you know next time.
not cool
By ANIMEinblack
On Thu Aug 14, 2003 03:05 PM
I had to see it to believe it. Loren you know you dont know enough about chain reaction style to teach it thats just wrong, to mix those two styles is so wrong to they are two completely different forms of locking and now your students are gonna get the idea that they are to be mixedwhen they are not. Thats funked up! :(
Sorry to be the bubble popper but I thought you were better than that and that you respected dancers creativity more.
By Loren
On Tue Aug 19, 2003 12:01 PM
Andy, its good to hear from you brother, even if the circumstances are "not cool".

Had you read my posting properly you would have seen that I taught an hour of funk fundamentals (meaning, i taught excercises that explored various funk rhythms) and hatha yoga/strenth training excercises. Never did I teach the "Chain Reaction" style. Again, if you had read clearly, I merely mentioned the Guzmans as my teachers. My teaching format has been derived from my many years of dance training. Training that I have received from various teachers in various forms of dance.

The training I received from the brothers was extremely helpful, and they get my respect, but if you think that they have been my only influences, you are sadly mistaken. I just got back from a festival where I trained with the Boogaloos and Don Campbell himself.

I will avidly claim to still be a novice at these street styles, but my intention in teaching is to spread my love of these dance forms and keep the funk alive.

I would suggest not to get too caught up in lables and names and merely dance. Still know the history, but spread that love, not the hate.



Tip says hi.
good reply
By ANIMEinblack
On Mon Sep 08, 2003 02:35 AM
exactly what I knew you would say.And what I hoped you would say. Good to hear from you to. Hope you guys are well. Tell tippi I saw his site and the vids look good. You need a new one however because I could barely see you due to bad lighting.


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